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Heartsgiving 2021: Blind Dates


__________________________________________________________________________________ You step into the garden behind the Guild Hall, and you're met with small lanterns hanging on strings all around the area, lighting it with a gentle golden glow. Circular tables are set up around the garden, vases of flowers and a small candle in the center of each one letting off a soft glow. Angel is sitting at a table to the entrance of the garden, and smiles at you warmly as you approach. She hands you a clipboard, with a blank form for you to fill out, and tells you to return it to her when finished. When you return with the proper information, Angel takes it, and tells you she will be back in a few minutes. When she returns, she hands you a small piece of paper with your partner for the night's name on it and what table they're assigned to. Taft is on the back of the Guild Hall, catering for the event. Theres a lot of tasty looking meals and desserts set out and ready for serving, and you take your assigned seat eagerly. Its all so nicely set up! You cant wait to see who your partner is..... __________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Whistler Crest blind date Heartsgiving event! To make things easier, please fill out the form given, and provide a reference image of your character in the comments below! We will reply to you through Discord as to who your blind date is! Signups will remain open till the 13th, which is when your blind date will be recieved. The list of prompts are below, you may choose any of them up to three to complete!

BLIND DATE FORM: (Characters) Name: Species+Align./Ele.: Age: (teens will be matched with teens and adults with adults) Here for: Romantic/Platonic Appearance: Personality: Gender Preference: (if none, select N/A) Something about yourself: Your Discord Tag: __________________________________________________________________________________ PROMPTS: 1.) Want a sweet gift? Draw your character going out and catching the perfect heart betta for their blind date! are the successful, or do they come out wet and empty handed? 2.) Not the type to go and get wet? Why don't you go shopping instead! See if you can find a pretty bouquet, or maybe some treats and a nice garment?

3.) Kick that sweet tooth! Why don't you try heading to Taft's shop and seeing if he has any baked sweets or other goodies you can bring your date? i'm sure they’d appreciate the thoughtfulness!

4.) Draw your character getting ready to meet their date! Do they dress to the nines, or simple and sweet? 5.) Meetup time! This is the first time you and your date are seeing each other. Do you know them already? Is it a surprise? How to you react to seeing each other? 6.) Draw how the date went! Did you guys hit it off, and plan to meet up after the event to know each other more? did it go sourly despite your best efforts? 7.) If you're so inclined to after the date, why don't you walk your partner back home? Its always polite, and you can get some extra chatting time in! If they live in the outskirts or further, its also a nice time to enjoy the lovely quiet countryside.



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