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Heartsgiving 2021 Announcements!

Hello everyone! Its the very starts of Bright Year, and spring is just around the corner. New life and new relationships are starting to bloom. We the staff wish all our community a truly happy Heartsgiving. ♥

This event will end entirely at 11:59 PM EST on the 28th. On Feb. 10th, the main event of Heartsgiving will be released to the public, along with all the necessary details!

"Why the wait?", You ask?

Taft, Castro, and Angel are hard at work behind the scenes! They needed to ask the council for some extra time to prepare some special festivities for the townsfolk of all ages. Hopefully what they have planned is received well~

Until theyre ready, however, we have some good news for the community!.....


The beloved Heart Bettas have made their annual return!

These beautiful colorful fish have returned to the waters around Whistler Crest, and can be gifted to other members! You can get more information on Heart Bettas here!

Each character of yours can receive 3 fish each, but may gift unlimitedly. Happy fishing! To post and share your Heart Bettas, please go here! _________________________________________________________________________________ Along with the Heart Betta....the Chocolate Battle have also returned! Following the migration of their favorite food source, these adorable little critters can be seen swooping and perching around the lakes and rivers of Whistler Crest, on the prowl waiting for the Heart Bettas to begin spawning.

To take advantage of this sudden Battle boom, Tida has put together a small competition for those waiting for official festivities to begin.... _________________________________________________________________________________

Battle Roundup!

Duration: From today, Feb. 2nd, to Wednesday, Feb. 10th

Tida is offering a 20 Capella reward and the ability to keep one of the Chocolate Battle you have caught! She wishes to study and get to know more information about this special seasonal variant, and thinks that you can lend her a helping hand.

In order to qualify for one of the little buggers and the Capella reward, you have to draw 2 pictures showing your characters catching Battle, and returning to Tida and showing her what you've caught. You may do these two prompt multiple times per character/account, but you can only claim the prizes once! Pictures must at least have a simple background, shading, and fullbodys to count! Good luck hunting!

Battles page with variants and general species info can be found here !

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