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[EVENT] Heartsgiving 2021

Happy Heartsgiving everyone! Its finally time for some much needed celebration after such a nasty Dark Year. Its time to bring in the freshness of a new Bright Year, and spread some joy around the community instead of suspense and dread! With this, its time to officially announce what Taft, Angel, and Castro have been working so hard on! __________________________________________________________________________________ For the older teens, and adults…...Blind Dating! This is a nighttime event is for those looking for both romantic, and platonic relationships! 'Feeling in a rut trying to look for a new friend to hang out and hang out with, or longing for a new snugglebuddy on these still chilly nights? Well, fill out the form provided, and try your luck! You'll be matched with somebody in an appropriate age range and similar interests or personality, and the rest is up to Destiny!' For more information on how to sign up for the blind dates and their prompts list, please click here!) __________________________________________________________________________________ For the littler ones, we have a Secret Pal-entine party! This is a daytime event that focuses on the littler residents on Whistler Crest. Kids and preteens can gather in the Guild Hall for games, music (thanks to some of the more musical residents of the town), card making, and a wide variety of snacks, including holiday flavors of ice cream and soda, courtesy of Angel!

For more information on how to sign up for the secret pal-entine and its prompts list, please click here!) On top of the festivities, Castro is offering two special seasonal tattoos for teens and adults: Seeds of Love and Heart Stopping Love! Their full sizes can be found linked above, and come in the standard range of colors found here (Special discount price of 5 capella applies! Please place your order in #castros-ink-shop, and retract any capella spent in #silvers-bank in Discord) __________________________________________________________________________________ Now….for a few more announcements! To keep with tradition…. From now till the end of Heartsgiving, it will be a…

Back by popular demand, Double EXP has returned for the remainder of February! Between now and 11:59 PM EST on February 28th, 2021, ALL submissions (event related or not) are valued at DOUBLE the regular EXP. What does this mean? This basically means that you calculate your total earnings for a submission and then double them! So if your submission would normally earn 100 EXP, during Heartsgiving, it'll earn 200 EXP instead! Can my islander character(s) earn double EXP too? Yes, of course! We wouldn't dare leave Xaaida out! __________________________________________________________________________________ Now….the rewards you can unlock for completing the prompts: (art towards either event counts for your total!) Completing 1 prompt: unlocks Heart Dapples Completing 2 prompts: unlocks Lovebug Antenna, Heartthrob scales, Cherub Mark Completing 3 prompts: unlocks Chocolate Battle wings, +1 each application of any past Heartsgiving upgrades of your choice (Sweet Nothings Ears, Love Mitts, Heart Horns, Heart Tip, Heart Markings) You may apply each new upgrade Twice, and upgrades can also be applied to Islanders. You will have the entire rest of the month to complete the prompts of your choice. The new upgrades will be added to the proper directories shortly!


All submissions for Heartsgiving must go to the appropriate gallery folder!

Please ensure you are submitting to Heartsgiving 2021 on the site, or in the DA group.

♥ Entries do not require a detailed background

♥ Figures/characters in entries must be shaded

♥ Collabs are allowed! Have fun everybody!

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