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Dark Year Chapter #6: The Calm After The Storm

The air settled suddenly. It was eerily quiet. Draken and Nyulop in and around the town could feel the sudden shift. The change in their surroundings. The Remnants vanished. It was sudden, yet not jarring, as if they just...faded...away. Sensing the drastic change, the Speckled Thuddley's dotting the town and forest raised their heads and looked around worriedly. They knew something had changed. Collectively, they began to congregate and migrate northward through the woods. The rumbling sound of their combined hopping echoing around the otherwise silent day. A loud roar boomed around them and then subsided. The glow of the gifted Mana slowly faded and a bright flash of light emanated from the center of the woods. All at once, the drained Draken and Nyulop could feel their energy return, as if it slammed full force back into their bodies. The surge of power radiated through their limbs and caused their bodies to quake for a moment. Their Mana had returned to them. Their once dulled colour now returning to its natural vibrancy. "It's...over?" Gale ventured, looking to the Spirits. "Mmhmm," GG smiled beneath her hood, "the Remnants shouldn't be here anymore." "And those nasty little Thuddley's are outta here!" Buck cheered, pumping his claw into the air. "Now I can actually get this community celebrating!" "Give them a chance to breathe," GG laughed. "Not a chance," Buck whirled around and threw his arms up, "we can have some real fun now!"


Submissions for the final prompt of the Dark Year Plot will still be accepted until 11:59 PM EST tonight (December 15th). We will calculate the total sum of points earned by the community and make a full announcement on Thursday December 17th along with the prizes earned through participation. Your previously drained characters have now returned to full health. The Drained Mark can be kept on your character(s) as a reminder of what they went through. Stay tuned for all sorts of goodies and giveaways our team has planned as a thank you to our beloved community!

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