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[CONTEST] Elemitters Naming and Accessory Contest

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

The Results are in! Meet the Seasonal Housing's Elemitters!


Name: GlitchyBunBun

Accessory: KobiShihai









Accessory: JuPhantomhive


Name: ReihernderReiher



Congratulations to our winners!

To redeem your prize of either Twenty (20) Capella or a Wash Enhancer, take a screenshot of the results above as proof of winning.

From the WC Mod Staff, we would like to thank you for your participation, whether you submitted an entry or if you help vote, we appreciate your engagement! Considering these Elemitters are pets for the Seasonal Housing, if you do draw any of them, you can take the +25 EXP for owned creature bonus!


Greeting fellow members!

We’re finally finishing up the Elemitters that the Seasonal Houses received back in 2021 from Topsy! And we need your help! For what you may ask?

These Elemitters need names and an accessory of sorts, of course!

And to help with this, a base has been provided for your accessory needs! Ta-dah!

Follow the links below to access the base (for both a transparent and white background version)

Transparent | White BG

Rules for the accessories:

  • Accessories can be any color

  • It is recommended to keep the accessories simple

  • Treat it as the ‘Single Accessory’ Nyulop Baby Upgrade

  • Please only make one accessory entry per Elemitter

  • You are free to make accessories for certain Elemitters instead of the whole lineup if desired

How to submit names:

  • When submitting your accessory file please leave name suggestions in the same comment

  • You can submit a max of three(3) names per Elemitter

  • While not a deciding factor, the genders for the different Elemitters can be found below

  • Female: Fire | Water

  • Male: Earth | Wind

  • Please specify which name goes with which Elemitter

  • Ex: Fire: Ash, Shelly

  • Earth: Maurice, Bob, etc.

Example of an entry

You will have till the end of the month, August 31st at 11:59 PM EST, to submit your entries to the correct Discord channel Elemitter-Entries. Once the submission window closes, mods will narrow the options for both the accessories and names for the Elemitters. Then will put out a Google Form for you to cast your votes. You will have until the end of September to vote and once voting has finished, mods will look at the results and announce the winning names and accessories!

Please be aware that you may only win once for either a name or accessory, not for both. It is to keep it fair and allow other members a chance to win as well.

And what do the winners win?

Each winner can pick from one (1) of the prizes below:

Twenty(20) Capella

One (1) Wash Enhancer

While there will be eight(8) winners...

Anyone who enters the contest will receive five (5) Capella!

To break down the timeline for this:

Entries open on August 2nd

Entries close on August 31st at 11:59 PM EST

Please give mods a few days to narrow down entries

Voting opens up

Voting closes on September 30th at 11:59 PM EST

Mods will check results and announce results

We thank you for your effort and participation in this small contest!

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