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Christmas RAP Raffle Giveaway

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

As part of our early Christmas gift to you guys along with the Flying Diamonds MYO Slot, we wanted to surprise you all with the chance to get a RAP! Each RAP listed will have x5 possible winners. RAPs won will be able to be applied to your Flying Diamonds MYO, just not on app! Raffles will end when the FD Babies event ends! (December 25th, 11:59 pm EST) __________________________________________________________________________________ The RAPs up for raffle today are:

  • Oni Fangs

  • Splendins Fins

  • Stardust Specks

  • Speckled Tongue

  • Vales Ears

  • Spectral Limbs

  • Prideful Paws

  • Sadrid Marks

  • Decoy Tail

  • Patch's Patches

  • Double Aether Ears

__________________________________________________________________________________ To enter for one, simply comment below (Logged into your Site account) with this form -DA/Site name -RAP you'd like to receive Good luck everybody, and happy holidays!

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