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August 2022 Newsletter

We'd also like to remind you that the Slow Mode is still ACTIVE in the Group. Features such as Breeding, Cash Shop (except for Rainbow Delight), character creation via MYO Key and transferring characters are still closed.

The Illness Contest has concluded! Thank you everyone who participated! The Mod Team looked at the entries and here are the winners: ReihernderReiher with Astramits LoveIsLaw with Mana Flu KobiShihai with Rashialisis Please remember that all participants, if they haven't already, are encouraged to claim 5 Capella as a participation prize! Don't forget to deposit it in the Bank. The second Astralit Slot has been unlocked! Everyone is free to make a second Astralit character. Some restrictions, however, still apply: - Orange Star Transmogrification Potion cannot be used to turn a Draken/Nyulop into an Astralit, and Astralits can't change species as well. - Astralit are still locked from growing up (including slow-growing), which means they are to remain babies for a while and should be drawn as such. Starsail Prizes can also be applied during the month of August (until August 31st, 11:59 pm EST.) The community has been given this extension to have a chance of making their next Astralit baby special. Draken and Nyulop benefit from this too, so make your character fabulous with all the Upgrades you've earned! As stated in the previous Newsletter, Astralit Upgrades (Star Grabbers, Falling Star Tail, Falling Star Marking, Falling Star Wings, Star Sight, Star Gazers, Starry Bauble, and Mana Panel Wings) can't be transferred to Draken/Nyulop, however Astralits are free to obtain any applicable Draken/Nyulop Upgrade via Rainbow's Delight.

Due to some strange glitch on dA, many artworks were removed from the group. Once again, we ask people to go through their gallery and see if their works were affected. We understand some people may have many drawing in their gallery, therefore in such situation we ask to at least check the most important pieces, such as character approvals, pet apps, Magic learning, and latest Starsail uploads.

Our little seasonal friends are in need of names and accessories! Please read HERE for more information on how to join the contest!

Remy and Tobias are ready to hold another Creature Researcher classes! All interested, be they young or old, experienced or not, are welcome to visit the Museum for further information.

This month we have two new upgrades for you, one for each species. Their details can be found in each species' respective category.



Mae: Seems like everythin's good 'round here. This gives me the idea we should go back to trainin'! We're meeting tomorrow at the construction site. Don't bother bringing your weapons - I will borrow some training gear from Oren, so we won't be drawin' any blood. A couple of bruises are fine, but I don't want any of you badly hurt. So remember that! You're free to pick something if you want to train with a new weapon.

PROMPTS FOR THE MONTH: Going back to training

This will count for your 1 Ringel paycheck in #timepunch! Submit your images in that channel to verify your participation. Images must be polished with a complex background and feature two characters.

  • A battle is surely brewing! Draw your character training their skills with another Guard member. How are they doing? Who do they pick to fight with? (You're free to choose your opponent.)

  • Mae brought each possible weapon from Oren's stock! Draw your character trying their strength with a new weapon. Can they even handle it?

Twiggy is looking better than ever, just look at those nice full blooms!

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