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April 2022 Newsletter

Hello Whistler Crest! I hope you have your reading glasses on, because there’s quite a lot to go through, so pay attention and see what’s coming this month!

The news of the day: It would seem that Tobias’s curiosity and lust for uncovering the past buried in the rubble has resulted in awakening an old Guardian Spirit! Luckily, this did not result in complete chaos and mayhem in the village. As we all know here in Whistler Crest dealing with ancient artifices may result in… unpleasant consequences… But anyway! Samarra, our new friendly Guardian Spirit, is ready to interact with the finley. Her dwelling seems to be close enough to the village, so even kids may go and say hello to our new friend!

I don’t think I have to remind our dear readers that taking something that does not belong to you is wrong, right? Yet, Taft has been having trouble with some break-ins lately that resulted in baked goods disappearing from his kitchen. Now he’s desperately looking for help to discover who hides behind his stolen cookies. I bet he’d appreciate as much help as possible to catch the thief. With that happening, it seems the ReQuest Board is live again! Anyone looking for something to do, someone to help or just trying to earn some extra Capella is welcome to visit the #re-quest-board in our Discord Server and see who, apart from Taft, is asking for help this Month!

Another big point to keep in mind is the Pet Approval Deadline. Pets obtained via Events, such as Puffkins, Sporepoles, Heart Bettas and the Secret Santa Pets should be posted in #pet-approval on Discord to have them approved before April 30th, otherwise the slots become void, and you will not be able to claim the pets anymore.

From April 16th (Saturday) to 30th (Saturday) the Council will be holding an Egg Hunt for the residents of Whistler Crest to celebrate Paschaster! I heard there will be some neat prizes to be won! So keep your eyes on the official announcement!

Other big news to share! My personal and very secret sources say the Council has just received a letter with a wax seal from Brydon City! I wonder what this is about? One thing is sure, though: whenever the Mayors get letters, things get interesting!

If you, somehow, still not feel satisfied and find nothing interesting to do this Month, then let me remind you peeps that there’s still a Community Work Project that needs completion. The work slowed down through the last year, so let’s get back to building!

Lastly, some good news for those who have been waiting for their Starsail Prizes! Starsail Stalls from the previous year have been neglected, and many entries have been left unrolled. We, the Staff, would truly like to apologize for neglecting the comments that needed a prize to be rolled. As a way to apologize and make up for the mistake, we have decided that each person whose comment was left without a reply will be given a free pick from any prize from the Stall to which the comment belongs to. To claim it, simply reply to your own comment and this will serve as the proof.

Okay...? Looks like someone messed with the Upgrades for this Month... But let's have some fun with that. If you draw your character with one (or more) of these Upgrades you will earn a bonus of 100 EXP for the drawn character! You can earn this bonus only one time. These entries belong to the Non-Canon folder in the Group, though.

As per usual, Mae will be giving new assignments for her Town Guard.

Mae: Looks like we ain't got no more time for training. We barely started, and we already have some rotten activity going right under our noses!

Mae: Here's a change of plans! We will help catch whatever is breaking into Taft's bakery. Some say those are some sorta spirits, but I am not falling for that without any evidence. I want you to pay extra close attention to what's going on around. Do not let a mouse slip when you're on your guard duty, got that? If you see anything suspicious, report it to me immediately.


This will count for your 1 Ringel paycheck in #timepunch! Submit your images in that channel to verify your participation. Images must be polished with a complex background.

Draw your character watching what's going on around Taft's bakery. The time of the day is up to you. The characters must be wearing their guard uniform.

The deadline for your prompts is April 13th, 11:59 PM EST.

Going back to the more local news, there’s some sort of small commotion going on in Dane’s Office. Kids and adults are getting sick. Everyone’s confused! Please make sure to get plenty of vitamins to keep you in good health, unless you want to join those peeps in the sick ward!

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