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Creating Your Very Own Nyulop

Nyulop are a free MYO species of which you may make two (2).
More character slots can be won/earned/bought if desired.

If making an Anniversary Nyulop, Click Here

If you are creating a Nyulop for The Isle of Xaaida then you are eligible for one (1) free slot.

Currently only Standard Nyulop are free to make.
Dwarf and Leporid are only available under special circumstances, like adopts or events.

Choose Your Alignment

The first decision that you need to make is deciding on your Nyulop's alignment.

While there are definitely some visible differences between the alignments, they are not purely for aesthetics.

Lucky and Unlucky are forms of charm, or magic, which your Nyulop can learn you use as they grow and develop. 


It is important to remember the four (4) key physical differences between Lucky and Unlucky Nyulop!

• Lucky Nyulop have rounded ears, Unlucky have notched. 

• Lucky Nyulop have rounded whiskers, Unlucky have notched.

• Lucky Nyulop have three (3) toed back feet, Unlucky have two (2) toed back feet.

• Lucky Nyulop have rounded tongues, Unlucky have forked tongues.

Colour Picking

When choosing colours it is important to remember that you must colour pick from the provided palette and closely follow the guidelines when making a design.

Please remember to include your colour choices on your application! Members of staff will compare your colours to the palette, so it is important that you ensure they are correct.


• You may have four (4) markings.

• You may use two (2) additional colours
that are not the base colour on your Nyulop.

• You may choose any colour for your Nyulop's whiskers, inner ears, paw pads and eyes so long as they are not pure black or pure white.




Legal ✔

• Colour placement should not take up more than 40% of your Nyulop's body. Their base colour should be easily identifiable.

• Symmetrical placements count as a single placement. So if you put the same colour and placement on both of your Nyulop's front paws it would count as one (1) placement.

• Markings added should not overlap or touch.

Illegal ✘

Mixed-matching inner ears, whiskers or paw pads is not allowed. 

 Stripes, numerous small spots and overly complex markings are not allowed. Remember to keep your initial design simple, you'll be able to customize it later!

 Nyulop start with flesh-toned tongues and mouths. Do not give them abnormal colours like green, blue, etc.


There are five (5) areas of your Nyulop's design where you may choose any colour you would like: their eyes, their whiskers, their inner ears, their paw pads and their maws.

There are, however, some rules to remember when choosing colours!
• You may not use pure white (#FFFFFF) or pure black (#000000).
• Both of your Nyulop's inner ears must match.
• All six of your Nyulop's whiskers must match.
• All of your Nyulop's pads must match.
• Your Nyulop's whiskers, inner ears and paw pads do not all need to be the same colour.
• Both eyes must match. Sclera should be pure white (#FFFFFF) and pupils should be rounded and pure black (#000000).

• Their teeth must be some sort of white and their tongues/gums must be a shade of pink.


Your Palette Choices

Unlucky Nyulop Palette.png

( Click palettes to enlarge the the palettes!)

Baby Anatomy


Standard baby Nyulop have very rounded features. 

They have shorter, chubbier anatomy, with prominent baby fat and fur!

Application Poses

Ronan Approval Image (legal).png

Important Things To Remember:

• Face should be completely visible.

• Tail should be visible.

• Limbs should be visible.

• At least one eye needs to be open.

• Pose should be simple and show your Nyulop standing or sitting.

• Colour placements should be easily discernible from the pose. (If not, please include a guide to their placements!)

• The mouth notches should be easily noticeable and the line connecting the nose and mouth must be included.

• Lineart must be solid black, a requirement only for application images.

• Application images should be unshaded.

Putting Your Application Together

One final thing...

Now that you've made it through and are ready to get your Nyulop submitted, all that's left is to apply the image you created to this template and submit them for approval.

Be sure to include the following information in your entry's description!

• Name:
• Species: Nyulop (Alignment)
• Gender:
• Creation: MYO

Once uploaded you can submit the application to the #baby-nyulop-approvals channel!

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