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Nyulop Magic

Nyulop magic is universally called Mana.

Mana is a particle that exists all throughout the world in the air. It is recycled by certain plants and animals much like oxygen is. Every living thing requires mana to stay alive. Many creatures have mana sensing and mana absorbing organs so that they make take mana out of the air for use in their bodies. For Nyulop, it is their whiskers and brows.

Mana that is used for casting powerful magic is referred to as "dead mana" and can be recycled by a mythical creature known as a
Drakesprite, or at least that's what is written. Dead mana takes longer for "mana recycling" plants and animals to process. 

The Mythical Drakesprite is also said to produce mana particles within it's own body, and push excess outward. Many stories depict creatures forging positive relationships with these Drakesprites for the good of their own survival. 

How is Mana used?

In-taking and using mana in bodily processes is involuntary, and will only stop if a serious illness or injury prevents the organ from working. An illness or injury of this magnitude is fatal. When casting a spell, or using magic in any general sense, the mana particles required for an action are condensed into a usable form, where the caster can then manipulate them in any which way they want. Novice casters take a big longer to condense the mana particles necessary to cast a spell, but some experienced casters can do this instantly. The science behind mana has halted research about five years ago, and many findings are being unearthed once again. Regardless, these are the things that can be found from observing any Nyulop or Draken.


History of Nyulop Magic

To understand this one must first understand the story of the Four Elders. Not much is known about these fantastical figures of ancient legend, but there are stories that have been passed down through the generations, and efforts have been made by historians to validate the claims. Unfortunately, much of what is known about them is hearsay, so there is very little evidence of the existence of these mysterious entities. That being said, the story goes that long ago there were four grand Nyulop. These ethereal beings were masters of their domain. Some say they were both masters of Lucky and Unlucky magic, although accounts of this vary depending on the storyteller. 


The Four Elders consisted of Almias the Alchemist, master of manipulating matter and bending it to their will; Ezycole the Crafter, master of creating and reciting fanciful spells; Delphira the Druid, said to be able to predict the future; and finally Warine the Spiritualist, able to commune with nature and spirits. These Nyulop were said to have protected their kin, caring for the many and offering their skills to all in need. They tamed wild beasts, fought back celestial beings and bent the very fabric of space and time—or, at least, that's what the stories say.

But it's believed that from these four individuals that all Nyulop magic began. They bestowed upon all those who sought to learn their blessing. This blessing is believed to have made it so those seeking Nyulop were able to recreate the abilities of Almias, Ezycole, Delphira and Warine. This is such a strong belief of the Nyulop species, that even today, those seeking to learn the skills of the Four Elders must complete the same tasks that their predecessors did before them.


Nyulop Charms

Charms are a unique type of magic found only in Nyulop and some Nyulop offspring. It comes in one of two types: Lucky and Unlucky. Lucky magic is that which grants the holder increased luck with whatever they do. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Unlucky magic makes it so that the wielder decreases the luck of those around them. Thankfully, these two types cancel one another out, so Nyulop live harmoniously. When you factor other creatures into the mix...well...that's when some training gets involved. 


As children, young Nyulop have no control over their charms. The charms often trigger themselves, causing issues for those around the wielder. This is entirely unintentional, but problematic, especially if they're interacting with species outside of their own. As they mature, Nyulop become more capable of controlling their charms, and it's through the process of learning to harness and command it that they often begin honing that towards learning a specific class. 

These classes allow the Nyulop to focus their innate gifts towards specific goals. They can harness their inborn abilities, their charm, to work towards learning Alchemy, Crafting, Soothsaying or Spiritualism. Learning a single class is known as majoring (or having expertise) and learning two classes is known as minoring. Majoring allows the learner to complete all ten tiers of their branch, while minoring allows the learning to complete five tiers of two classes.

What Colour Is MY Magic?

The colour of a Nyulop's magic is determined by their personality. That is to say, it is determined by the traits which they most display, and which best encompass them as an individual. There are currently seven known personality types which determine the colour of magic, and they are listed below. Whichever personality type best suits your Nyulop will be the colour of magic they produce when using their abilities.

Please ensure you do not use colours which border two of the listed colours!
This means you should not have teal coloured magic, it would be either green or blue.
You can either colour drop from within the swatches below or select a distinct shade within the colour.

Your magic can be a lighter shade of the colour, or a darker one, but they must be distinctly that colour.
The colour of the magic appears around whatever your Nyulop is effecting with it. It does not make their eyes or whiskers glow that colour.


The Cunning

• They are clever, astute and can be excellent diplomats 
• They are highly intuitive and have sharp minds 
• They are good at reading others and situations 
• They're excellent at problem solving and puzzles


The Go-Getter

• They're generally enthusiastic
• They're quick to adapt to new things 
• They can be somewhat impulsive 
• They're usually very upbeat and all smiles!


The Creative


• They are talented authors, artists, musicians, and so on
• They are known to be flighty and unconventional 
• They love to travel and experience the world 
• They tend to have a very focused scope of interest


The Courageous

• They push the limits to achieve success 
• They can be relentless in their pursuit of their goals 
• They are very brave and are extremely loyal friends 
• They steadfastly keep to their ideals


The Free Spirit

• They're easy going and very casual 
• They handle situations by improvising 
• They're flexible and take things on as they come 
• They can be aloof and often act coolly


The Realist

• They always asking "why?
• They're quick to determine what things are useful and what things are a waste of time, removing clutter
• They thrive with motivation and can flounder without it
• They need evidence


The Analytical

• They're very analytical
• They are deep thinkers and often lost in thought
• The can be socially stunted and are often misunderstood as they're normally introverted
• They like to investigate and learn new things

What are Nyulop Classes?


There are four classes of which are available to Nyulop. There are: 1) Alchemist; 2) Crafter; 3) Druid/Soothsayer; 4) Spiritualist. Each class offers a unique set of tiers which make it possible for your Nyulop to channel their magic into unique skills! Classes basically act as your Nyulop's character type when it comes to combat and quests. Your character will represent the class they choose and acquire unique skills and abilities by studying and acquiring the different tiers. In combat and quests, their acquired skills from their classes can be used to aid them in their success. They could use their class knowledge to create something, or project concentrated bursts of magic, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

How do I know my class?

Each and every Nyulop is a unique creature. This uniqueness inside them factors greatly into the choices they make and how they live their lives. Simply put, their personality, views and interests will all play a role in determining what class(es) they choose. For example, studios Nyulop interested in science are often drawn to Alchemy, whereas Nyulop more in tune with nature are better suited to being a Spiritualist. There is no one way to determine what your class may be, it all revolves around what feels most right. Some Nyulop master a single class and others garner a decent minor in two classes. Ultimately, it comes down to whichever class(es) best suits their individuality.  

How do I learn my skill(s)?

Once your Nyulop knows for certain what class they wish to train towards they must follow guidelines put forward by the Four Elders. The guidelines are those which are sacred to all Nyulop, believed to be the same ten requirements that the Four Elders made when those who sought to learn their skill came to them. One must follow the guidelines closely, completing all required tasks in order to earn The Elders' Blessing, which is only given to those whom attain all ten tiers. 

It is of utmost importance that you remember to complete ALL required tiers in ORDER.
Meaning you must complete tier one (1) before two (2), and two (2) before (3), and so on and so forth.

You must abide by ALL requirements of the tiers.
This includes whatever the art based requirement is as well as the wait period between. Your wait period between tiers begins as soon as you submit your entry to the group.

1) If you are majoring: remember that you may only reach tier ten in a single class.
2) If you are minoring: remember that you may only reach tier five in two classes.

What are the requirements for entries?

There are a few requirements that must be met in order for your entries to count.

• All entries will be reviewed by a mod, and should they be deemed acceptable, you will receive a notifying comment on the submission to let you know you've passed and can attempt the next tier. It is from this point onward that you start your countdown until you can attempt the next tier. It is not based on the date of submission, but the date of approval. Please be mindful of that!

• All entries must include a background. This should be a background of moderate detail and which features prominent examples of effort. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your background counts, don't hesitate to ask a mod. You can do so by either noting the group or pinging us on Discord. 

• All entries must be finished. This means they may not be incomplete sketches, lines or backgroundless pieces. Stylization is perfectly acceptable, but it must be a polished and finished piece to count. The entry must also include at least a half body of the character learning. 

Quick Q&A

Q. Do I need to submit my entries at specific times?
No. The only time you may not submit is when you're on a wait period (the required time between learning tiers). Otherwise, you may learn at your own pace.


Q. Can my Nyulop learn more than one skill?
Yes, technically. This is referred to as Minoring. Your Nyulop learns two skills at once, but be wary, doing so means they can only attain tier five (5) of each class. So they can't fully master them. You will still need to submit one entry per tier per skill if you do it this way. You are not allowed to combine to skills together. So if you're learning Alchemy and Soothsaying at the same time, you would still need to draw a submission for tier 1 for Alchemy and tier 1 for Soothsaying. 


Q. Can I have more than one Nyulop learning at the same time?
Yes! Of course! There is no limit on how many of your Nyulop learn at once.


Q. If I have two (or more) Nyulop learning at once can I combine their entries?
No. Each character must have their own entries to each tier.


Q. May I draw more than one entry per tier?
You may. There's no restriction on the number of entries you make. But only one will count, so submit ONLY that entry to the Classes folder. All other entries go into the General Folder.


Q. Are collaborations permitted?

They are not. Magic prompts must be completed by one (1) artist only!

Q. Where do I submit my entries?
You should submit your entries to the Nyulop Magic Gallery folder. Once you've submitted it you will need to wait to have it approved by an admin. Once approved you can start your counter until you can next submit an entry!

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