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Nyulop Courtship

When Nyulop reach as certain level of maturity they may start to experience feelings of attraction. This is fairly common as they enter adolescence, during which time they may find themselves overcome with newfound feelings, and desire to seek romantic companionship with others. 

Like many species, Nyulop have unique species specific tendencies and behaviours associated with feelings of infatuation and love, and they display these when attempting courtship. Both female and male Nyulop will take on the role of pursuer and will showcase their interests in the same way. There are not set defined roles according to gender with Nyulop.


Finding A Partner

Nyulop will seek partners based on traits they find appealing. This is unique as these traits will vary from Nyulop to Nyulop, which explains the growing trend of interspecies relationships. Once Nyulop find partners, they tend to retain interest, as Nyulop attempt to mate for life. They are not always successful, and breakups between mated couples is not always amicable, but they try their best to remain on good terms for the sake of the community.

Relationship Terms

Marked/Marking: This is a term used to refer to new couples which have just started seeing one another. This is usually the term applied to the first year of being together. You would say "I'm marked by," or "I'm marking with," rather than dating.

Charmed/Charming: This is a term used to refer to couples which have been together for an extended time. This refers to couples who have been together for more than a year. You would say "I'm charmed by," or "I'm charming with," rather than something like dating or engaged.

Bonded/Bonding: This is the serious term. This refers to couples that have gone through a bonding ceremony and is the real-world equivalent to marriage. You would say "I'm bonded with," or "I'm bonding with," rather than married with/to.


Bleeding Hearts

This is a term used to refer to an...odd byproduct of close nuzzling. When adolescent, and even adult, Nyulop begin rubbing their cheeks to their partners there's an unintentional transfer for magic from their whiskers! In the case of two Nyulop, rubbing their whiskers together may cause colour transfer, during the duration of which their whiskers may appear splotchy with their partners' colour! 


Can this occur with Draken partners?

It has been known to happen! Oddly enough, regardless of where they're nuzzling, their whiskers may acquire splotches of colour that matches the Draken's Third Eye Gem!


How long does it last? Is it permanent?

It isn't permanent, no, but it can last a while. Anywhere from a few minutes or a few hours! It can definitely be embarrassing if you're caught with colour blotched whiskers! 


What is the social implication of Bleeding Hearts?

For the most part they aren't frowned upon. Some older generations might huff and puff about it being unsightly, that it's something for private eyes only, but the mellowed younger generations are more inclined to just tease instead. "Bleeding Hearts colour marks!" Is a common phrase that gets thrown around when someone spies a Bleeding Heart. Most tend to hide away until the colour recedes. 

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