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Welcome to Whistler Crest!

This guide aims to act as an introduction into the world of Whistler Crest,
offering insight into the lore, mechanics and general world of our community.

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What is Whistler Crest?

Whistler Crest is a community at its core. It is an ARPG founded on deviantART which centers around the growth of a newfound settlement which is inhabited by playable species. The characters you can create are known as "evolving species," which means that over time you can grow and physically change their appearance through the use of upgrades.

Whistler Crest is largely story-based and character driven. It's about growing together and helping one another expand the world through exploration and development. Characters play crucial roles in helping to build the world of Whistler Crest by learning magic, performing quests, getting jobs or apprenticeships and creating lasting relationships. Whistler Crest is about being connected and learning from one another, sharing experiences and growing together.

How do I become a part of the community?

Whistler Crest is an open community. This means you may join at any time. Our community has been an open ARPG since conception, and will remain as such in the foreseeable future.

There are no requirements to join. You do not need to have an approved character to become a member. You may at any time join us. You are welcome to enter our
Discord server if you want a feel for the community.

In order to become an official member you must visit our
deviantART page and click the button on the left sidebar. You will be automatically approved, there is no wait!


How Do I Create A Character?

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Free Creation

At the beginning, you are eligible for a set number of free MYO (make your own) characters. The number of available slots is determined by the species being created. For example, you get two (2) free Draken slots, two (2) free Nyulop slots, etc. The MYO guides for each available species will detail this further. 


At any time during your membership, regardless of how long you've been a member, you may participate in adopts. We provide a variety of different types of adopts, and you can read up on those here. Adopts do not take up one of your free slots and are limitless.

Buying Slots

If you wish to create a character of a species you no longer have a free slot of you may purchase/trade for a MYO Golden Key. This item will permanently increase the number of slots available to you of the specific species. For example, if you want to create a third (3) Draken, using this key will mean you now have three (3) Draken slots instead of two (2).



You are able to breed characters to produce eggs, which hatch into official Whistler Crest characters! You can breed your own characters, or with a character belonging to another member, and these children can inherit attributes from both of their parents! You can find more information regarding breeding here.

What Is This World?

Whistler Crest is a small settlement found within the larger continent of Kladeon. It's fairly isolated and does not frequently see visitors. It is self-sufficient and self-sustaining and run by the Council. Not much is known about the outside world by the inhabitants of the town, but with more and more critters joining, the itch to start exploring is growing ever stronger!

With the loss of connection and knowledge from what has been deemed "The Old World," it is difficult to know what is out there in the wider world. With the help of our members, we're reclaiming lost knowledge and expanding the world beyond our borders.


Map of Kladeon based on old knowledge.


Customizing Your Character(s)


In Whistler Crest upgrades are used as a means of personalizing your character to show off their uniqueness. In fact, upgrades are referred to as Amelio Phenomena (or AP) in universe, and have cultural significance for the citizens of this world.

You can earn upgrades by accumulating EXP and performing specific tasks (should the upgrades require them). EXP is cumulative, never depletes and does not need to be 'spent' on upgrades. You need only to reach the required level to unlock the upgrade. Think of it like leveling up your Pokémon to access new moves!

All of our playable species have unique species specific upgrades as well as some universal ones which they share. There are upgrades which are meant for babies and upgrades which can only be accessed by approved teenagers. Each upgrade lists all the necessary information for accessing and applying them.

Learning Magic!

You can learn unique magic depending on the species and alignment or element of your character!

You can grow and develop the magic of your character however best fits them and you can make use of magic during quests or everyday art.

Magic is an essential part of life on Kladeon, so we encourage you to develop your skills! You can use it to help make your character all the more unique.


Where Do I Go From Here?

We recommend you take some time to explore the site! Not only will this help familiarize you with where to find specific information, but it will help expand your knowledge on a variety of elements within the group, like lore, magic, and the like.​

A good place to start is with our Discord Server. There you can communicate directly with members of staff and other members of our community. You can ask questions, meet new friends and get a feel for the type of people that share in this world.


The Housemasters welcome you!

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If you have any questions that you don't feel were answered here, you can always check out the FAQ page! It's a more more detailed answer key to all things Whistler Crest.

Please be sure to send any questions directly to the group!
You are much more likely to get a speedy response if you send questions to the groups rather than admins/mods!

Thank you so much for considering becoming part of our bustling community! 
Should you choose to join us, we'll be happy to have you, and look forward to growing along side you!

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