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Name: Tofu
Pronouns: Text
Birthday: Text
Username: Text
Favourite Creature: Text
Favourite Holiday: Text
Favourite Wash: Text


dex july 2021 2.png

Name: Dex
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Birthday: August 7th
Favourite Creature: Pieshu
Favourite Holiday: Hallowturne
Favourite Wash: Full Moon (Blue)

I'm really just tired all the time. I eat, sleep and watch cartoons. I'm basically an anxiety riddled nerd wrapped up in a himbo body.


Name: Nera/Vaughnny
Pronouns: She/Her
Birthday: June 2nd
Favourite Creature: The ones that aren't released yet! >:3
Favourite Holiday: [Redacted]
Favourite Wash: Golden


Lex Icon.jpg

Name: Lex
Pronouns: They/Them
Birthday: May 14th
Favourite Creature: Heart Betta, Rockstomper
Favourite Holiday: Starsail
Favourite Wash: Vaporwave and Neon Lights series

Heya, I'm Lex! I'm the local goblin who loves fish people, hamsters, and deep fried memes. I try to be around as much as I can with a full time factory job, and I love contributing to the community as much as I can! Poke me in server, I'm always down to chitchat :3

Dia Icon.png

Name: Dia
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
Birthday: October 30th
Favourite Creature: Taddler
Favourite Holiday: Topysy Turvy
Favourite Wash: Candle Light

Ello ello! One of your local Wooper fan here. I'm quiet but I don't bite... just a bit awkward kek. Prolly draw too much but it's fun, love figuring out and developing lore for just about anything. Fun fact you pronounce "Dia" as "Dye" ;3


Name: Anya
Pronouns: Text
Birthday: Text
Username: Text
Favourite Creature: Text
Favourite Holiday: Text
Favourite Wash: Text



2022_-_WC_-_Mod_Pic never.png

Name: Never
Pronouns: She/Her
Birthday: July 4th
Favourite Creature: Remnants
Favourite Holiday: Hallowturne
Favourite Wash: Gold Airbrush


I’m just here lurking and plotting in the corners looking for something to make myself useful. I do not talk a lot. Not good at talking. But if there’s something I can help with – do not hesitate to ask.


Name: Woopy
Pronouns: They/Them
Birthday: October 3rd
Favourite Creature: Pieshu
Favourite Holiday: Hallowturne
Favourite Wash: Hematite

Heyo! I'm Woooper but feel free to call me Woopy! I work as an artist for the team and spend my time yelling a lot about Pokémon and Digimon, or any game I'm currently addicted too at the time. I'm a full time college student going into the animation field so I'm not too talkative in the main server, but feel free to poke me whenever I'm around!

KKPaaw Icon.png

Name: Paaw or KK
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them
Birthday: May 1st
Favourite Creature: Sseal
Favourite Holiday: Starsail
Favourite Wash: Winter Storm and Lustrous Pearl

Yo I'm KKPaaw or Paaw for short! I'm a reserved goof who's currently in college so apologies if I'm not around too much. I am trying to be more present, but I do get overwhelmed very quickly in large servers so be patient with me! I love to help out whenever possible and contribute as much as I can to keep the art side of the group running! Nice to know ya!


Name: Tori
Favourite Creature: 
Favourite Holiday: 
Favourite Wash: 

On Hiatus!



Name: Percy/Bee
Pronouns: She/Her
Birthday: May 2nd
Favourite Creature: Vertois
Favourite Holiday: Hallowturne
Favourite Wash: Don't got any

Hey, I'm Percy. I'm one of the newest additions to the staff team and I'm here to fight Lex for the top gremlin spot! I'm approachable at anytime during the day, and I don't bite (often). Fun fact: I'm [REDACTED.]


Name: Wolf, Ombrani 
Pronouns: They/Them
Birthday: It's a mystery woooo
Favourite Creature: Varkery and Vertois
Favourite Holiday: Hallowturne
Favourite Wash: Neon Lights series

Hey there, I'm Wolf! I may be quiet but I love to lurk around despite being so tired. I love plotting for my characters and participating in events. Work keeps me busy a lot but I try to check in and help out as much as I can!


Name: Layara or Lay
Pronouns: She/They
Birthday: October 2nd
Username: LayaraFlaris
Favourite Creature: Shargo, Heart Betta
Favourite Holiday: 
Heart Betta Day Heartsgiving
Favourite Wash: Heart on Your Sleeve, Flower Fields

Hello! Layara here! I'm terminally online and never sleep. I usually do baby nyulop approvals, banking, and exp counts for members, so feel free to ping or dm me for any of these things! I also would love to chat or can offer casual advice when it comes to fish, birds, and reptiles.

Staff Benefits

Shooting Star Fruit Cupcakes.png

Want to know even more

We would be happy to share what benefits there are to being a part of the Whistler Crest team (besides just having a lot of fun creating new things for the members)! Benefits are earned though hard work of a staff member!

While staff do have their benefits when working on the team,
there are also things we are not immune to. 
These things include:

★ Meeting art quality requirements

★ Upgrade level/drawing/time requirements

★ Paying for cash adopts, cash auctions, or cash shop items
★ Does not get first pick of any adopts, even if you made them

★ Any adopt cooldowns 

★ Completion of all magic learning prompts

★ Must legitimately obtain and own in-game items to use them

However, we do still get some benefits for our hard work on keeping the group running! These things include:

★ Minor extension (up to maximum of 2 weeks) for time-sensitive event prompts

★ 1 (one) Standard MYO slot per 3 months (does not stack)

★ Exception from cash shop cooldown

★ Unlimited character gifting (both giving receiving

★ Unlimited pet MYOs

★ Early access to unreleased upgrades (with requirements still met!)

★ Ability to use all Radiant Upgrades freely (with Mod permission!)
★ Can be gifted a MYO Dual or Subspecies slot at the discretion of Dex and Tofu


Staff may also rarely receive additional one-time gifts due to specific instances of hard work or extreme dedication.

Why Have Staff Benefits and List Them Here?

We, as the mod team at Whistler Crest, hope to establish both trust and transparency with our members, and a part of that is having the few benefits we reward ourselves with listed for all to see so that not only can we police ourselves, but the members can also be fully aware of what we have rights to do so you also can ensure that we don't overstep our boundaries.


We work close to a full work week's worth of hours maintaining existing systems, creating new ones, and also generating new content for this group, but unlike a formal job we are not paid for our efforts and there is no "clock-out" system, if we are online, there's a good chance we're working on the group whether directly or indirectly. The staff benefits are just a small way for us to feel properly compensated for the hard work and tight scheduling we have to work with.


While seeing public reception and excitement for our work is incredibly rewarding on its own, often times between group work and real life there's little to no leeway for us to have much free time, and without some form of payment the work would very quickly become burdensome and far more of a loathsome chore than exciting, passionate content we are eager to work on.

We hope now that you know a little bit more about the behind the scenes of Whistler Crest, you will feel even more fondly about the group! Thank you for making our jobs here worth it!

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