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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Ma-ka-ba
Female: Ma| Male: Ka | Baby: Ba


Makabà are a semiaquatic mammals which have a preference for living in fresh water areas. There are rumors that they can be found in pods in the ocean, but there is not a great deal of information on that. They are fun-loving and friendly creatures, and their size and ability to move in and out of water has put them in an interesting position: they are apex predators with no natural enemies.

Varieties in Appearance


Makabà, at least the ones found on the Isle of Xaaida, have three-toned grey-scale skin. Their patterns can vary from Makabà to Makabà, but they seem to only have stripes and spots. They always have a light underbelly, and a dark backside, with a medium-grey middle section dividing the light and dark areas. Baby Makabà have light bodies with prominent speckling, while adults only occasionally have small clusters of spots. Their markings are always very simplistic with minimal stripes and spots.

All Makabà feature prominent blue markings above their eyes. The blue can vary from anything between dark navy to even a bright teal!


Dark topside markings.
Colour pick from the swatch.

Middle grey markings.
Colour pick from the swatch.

Light underbelly colours.
Colour pick from the swatch.



Makabà give live birth, they do not lay eggs, and their infants are small...fat...round...plump...pudg-. They're parented by both their mother and father, being watched over closely, and fed regurgitated fish. Baby Makabà are born in the spring, usually in Makabà-made coves, where pods work together to move stones to block off a section of river for infants to swim.




Makabà are carnivores and feed near exclusively on fish and other aquatic creatures. They are known to eat fruits when they fall into reach, but will not actively seek them out.


Bonding with a Makabà


Makabà are the go-to creature when looking for a fishing partner. They're very skilled swimmers, able to dive to impressive depths, and can carry prey and finds back to canoes. They're even able to retrieve things. Being very intelligent, they are quick to pick up new skills, and are a favoured creature to work alongside.


Makabà can have four or five toes. They have webbing between them that matches the blue markings above their eyes.

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