Welcome to Whistler Crest's library. This area is located within the town's museum and houses a collection of literature which relates directly to our world. The books have been grouped according to row numbers, and these numbers relate to the focus of the book's content, of which the sections are universal, worldly, continental and the town itself.

We sincerely hope you enjoy reading about the strange and fantastical elements of Whistler Crest, but please keep your voice down as you move through the extensive (and growing!) collection. Others may be sharing the space with you and also enjoying the books.


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       Universal Content

       Worldly Content

   Continental Content

       Town Content

Book 001-001: The Greater Energy Circle


Book 001-002: The EnergySent

Book 001-003: The Energytouched

Book 001-004: What is Mana?


Book 001-005: Mana Burn


Book 002-001: Amelio Phenomena

Book 002-002: Companion Spirits

Book 002-003: The Radiant Collection

Book 002-004: Channeling


Book 003-001: Holidays in Klaedon

Book 001-004: What is Mana?


Book 003-003: New Prosperos (Aurem)

Book 003-004: Channelium Faith


Book 004-001: The Townspeople's Memories

Book 004-003: History of Whistler Crest


Book 004-002: The Shopping District


Book 004-005: Chaos Constructs