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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Cramp-ling

Female: Doe | Male: Buck | Baby: Kit

Kramplings are creatures often only seen out and about when times of giving are around and presents are changing hands. Quite the little hopping fiends, Kramplings are natural-born thieves, holding presents between their antlers and running off with them in an attempt to get chased. Though they may seem like pests, these little mammals are quite easily befriended; and all it takes is offering them a gift yourself!


Varieties in Appearance

Kramplings come in many patterns, colors, and looks! Ranging in browns and silvers, these little creatures resemble reindeer, with eyes ranging in colors from brown, to blue, to even red! Kramplings possess simple, Cervidae-esque horns that vary in shape from straight up with minimum branching, or with plenty of branching spikes!

Regarding Antlers 

Their antlers should appear like those on deer or reindeer. You are free to choose the number of points, but their antlers should not exceed a collective ten (10) points. You don't want their heads to be too heavy!

Regarding Pelts 

Kramplings pelts are known to vary in markings and colours. Traditionally, Kramplings have pelts that consist of browns, silvers, off-whites, greys and tans. They have very natural tones to their pelts. Their pelts may include spots, contours and streaks. They tend to have a few markings, usually four (4) to ten (10).

Krampling 2.png


Kramplings are surprisingly not very fast reproducers despite what you’d expect. They often only have one kit at a time, only occasionally giving birth to twins. Kramplings are surprisingly good parents, despite their typical thieving behavior. Krampling Kits are helpless for the first few days of life, being cared for by their parents closely as they grow. Kits often stay with their parents in their den until adulthood before heading out to construct their own den- typically dug close to their parents’ den.


Kramplings are strict herbivores, only capable of digesting plants such as veggies, fruits, or leafy greens. It’s recommended to never try to feed your Krampling anything with meat or animal product in it, even something as simple as honey can give the little guys quite the stomach ache! Veggies only for these little guys.

Distinct Abilities & Skills

Though they may not seem like much, these little thieves have quite the stunning ability, leaping clear over buildings! Okay maybe not OVER, but these little guys are quite the hoppers, capable of jumping up onto roofs or up into open windows so they can sneak into your home and take your gifts! Make sure to block those chimneys up and keep those windows closed, cause nobody is safe when Kramplings are around!

Krampling Sketches flipped.png

Artist Sketches of Krumpling
- Unknown Artist, Unknown Date

According to Tobias, these creatures are far more ancient than once suspected. Art featuring them goes back thousands of years, long before the loss of history.

What is known from these artworks is that Krumplings can shed their antlers and do so regularly. 

They are also known to have long, powerful tails which aid in balance when running or hopping.

They are not very large in stature, and do not appear to grow large either.

It is unknown where these creatures originated, but they are known to come during times of celebration in Dark Year.

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