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Known Creature Details


Pronunciation: Cola-Byne

Plural: Kolabines

Baby: Kolby (Coal-Bee)

Kolabines are mammal-like creatures scattered around Kladeon. They have large, bulbous noses and big droopy ears with droopy eyes. One thing all Kolabines share are the extra set of arms and large tails compared to their bodies. These creatures are very docile and are easy to approach. Kolabines are often seen as lazy in different ways between the three variants. The three variants have completely adapted to their home environments.

Kolabines (avian).png

Physical Variety


Kolabines differ depending on location and these differences are from them adapting to these environments.

Kolabines (aquatic).png

Aquatic Variant

Aquatic Kolabines are found near big bodies of water and have blue coloring to them. They have four large arms with paw-like hands lacking any sort of thumbs with webbing between the arms and digits on the paw. Their feet are flat and webbed to help them swim while their tail propels their movement.

“River Koalabines' webbed legs allow them to swim within the river. They live in pods that travel together and sleep in shifts, which prevents them from getting swept downstream.” 
- Dallas, Fizzle, Charmel

“Apparently they don't care if they bump into something, they just shrug it off.”

Avian Variant

Avian Kolabines are native to open plain like environments and are distinct by their yellow coloring. Avians have four nub-like arms and paw-like feet. On their heads rest a set of wings that moreso aid in the directing of flight than keeping the creature flying. The wings on their lower back are what keep these creatures afloat as well as aiding them if they want to glide. They also have a small pouch above their legs and an orb-like tail.

“The one I've found hovering over the plains is yellow, has two pair of wings, and a small pouch. Seeing how they're in the plains, I can probably guess the pouch is used to collect food. There's not much food around, so it would make sense for the pouch to be used to collect food from one area and be able to travel a far distance.” 

Kolabines (avian).png
Kolabines (insect).png

Insect Variant

Insect Kolabines can be located in forestry areas and blend in with the foliage thanks to their green coloring. Their four arms are striped with two fingers and a thumb while their feet are paw-like with thumbs. Thick, dense fur covers the neck and lower torso area to help them camouflage. The tail is plump and comes to a rather sharp point but it’s just a defense mechanism against predators.

“When startled, they make a loud squaking noise, and other kolabines near them will quickly hide or rush up to their nests, probably to protect their young. When protecting other kolabines, they walk on their hind legs and lift their first two pairs of legs in the air, probably to make themselves look bigger, to scare off predators.”
-Wendi, Meryll, Rick, Delta, Lily

“This creature appears to be...insect-like? Its got fuzzy fur like a bee, and a stinger like tail? It's noticed me, but it hasn't tried fleeing or attacking, so its likely it doesn't see me as a threat?”

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