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One-Off Jobs

One-off jobs are provided by any NPC and which vary in their rewards and requirements. These jobs appear randomly and are only available for a limited amount of time. These jobs can be offered to children or adults, although they may occasionally have requirements for participation. These could be based around the age and level of magic. 

These jobs appear on the Re-Quest Board and can be undertaken by soloists or teams. The rewards are always issued once the deadline for the job has passed.


Careers are a type of job which a character as a soloist or in a team can undertake. Careers come with titles, which are earned by the number of jobs within the field you have completed, and within which a soloist and/or team can rank up and acquire badges that indicate their level of status within the field. 

Characters who have mastered a field can gain perks from their mastership which enhance related content within the group. These are detailed further below.


Apprenticeships see a character working directly with an NPC from a community. Working alongside said NPC will require prompts and submissions to further their study under the teachings of the NPC. As characters continue to work under an NPC they will unlock features normally inaccessible to them.

They may also acquire bonuses which are gifted from their NPC teacher, which may be rare items or even upgrades! These can be used by and/or applied to the character apprenticing.

New careers and apprenticeships will become available as more work opportunities are discovered!
Remember to keep an eye on announcements and check back for updates!

CR 5.png

Creature Researcher

Career Title: Creature Researcher
Submission Titles: Creature Feature
Job Provider: Tobias and Remy

Job Location: Will vary depending on proposed locations for subjects. Creature habitats can range from forests, lakes, mountains and yet unexplored places.

Tobias and Remy are looking for eager Draken and Nyulop who wish to explore the great outdoors and help document creatures missing from the collection. With the loss of old world knowledge, what information we do have on many creatures is based entirely on the memories of those who have seen them, and memories are not infallible.  Draken and Nyulop of all ages may apply, but some creatures will be deemed too dangerous for children to research, and others will require magic and weapons for personal safety when hunting, locating and studying. 


Reasons to Apply:
• Allows you the opportunity to explore the outdoors!
• Grants you the opportunity to learn new and exciting things about creatures!
• Will provide you the opportunity to reacquire lost knowledge to be documented by Tobias for the records! 


Requirements for your “Creature Features”
• Polished and clean line work.
• Shading on characters and creatures.
• At least a simple background that fully illustrates the habitat of the creature.


• Tobias and Remy will pay eight (8) Capella for proper documentation.
• Badges that “level up” the more creatures you feature!
• Rare/new upgrades may sometimes appear as a reward for your submission!
• Information you write down may be added to the website under your participating character’s name! 
• Art you draw of the creature may be added to the website under your name!

Rules for Participation:
• Signups will be opened for an allotted amount of time. You register on the relevant journal.
• You must claim a slot when a new Creature Feature job listing goes up to participate.
• You will be allotted a full month to participate. Four (4) full weeks from release. You may be required to submit 1-3 entries for the duration of the hunt, depending on what information is provided by Tobias and Remy, this will be specified on the signup journal.
• You may do these jobs as soloists or with a team! 
Should you choose to collab: Each member will still need to submit the required number of entries. Entries per person still need to be unique. This means that, should a job require two (2) submissions, each person must still create two (2) unique images. You may collab on all images, but there should be a fitting number relative to the number of collaborators. 

• Jobs may come that require a certain ranking, in which case you must be applicable to participate. 

CR Beginner.png
CR Bronze.png
CR Silver.png
CR Gold.png
CR Crystal.png


This badge rank indicates that you have completed at least one (1) Creature Feature.


This badge rank indicates that you have completed at least two (2) Creature Features.


This badge rank indicates that you have completed at least four (4) Creature Features.


This badge rank indicates that you have completed at least six (6) Creature Features.


This badge rank indicates that you have completed at least eight (8) Creature Features.

CR 5.png

Mastering a Creature Researcher Career:

Once you have successfully mastered this career you will be capable of breeding rare traits into your pets! The offspring of your pets will also have rare traits. You will be eligible to start a breeder program and be able to sell your rare pets to other members of the community!

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