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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Hop-keh-tis

Female: Hoppi | Male: Hop | Baby: Joey

Hopkets are cheerful, playful creatures bestowed to the residents of Whistler Crest by the infamous Grand Giver as a gift in order to help ease the tension and fear left behind during the last HH. They love to play and can play for hours at a time. Their bright and playful demeanor is perfect for kids and their ability to mimic anything- including voices!- makes playtime with them all the more fun and exciting(don't forget the pranking capability)! They are not the smartest creatures, far from it in fact. They don't seem to fully register pain and instead tend to laugh and giggle as if they just pulled a prank, so as their owners it would be highly recommended you keep a careful eye on them less they get themselves really hurt!


Despite that they are very resilient creatures, able to withstand pretty much any temperature and condition you throw at them, as to them it's nothing short of a game. They see everything through the lenses of a child and as such hardly take anything seriously, though they do seem to have an innate ability to tell when their owner needs comfort or a distraction and will give such thing as needed, making them great companions for any and everyone.


Hopkets dine almost entirely on fruits. Bitter, sweet they love them all! They are capable of eating other things like fish or plants, but feed your Hopkets these things very sparingly, they are mostly designed to eat fruit and little else. Despite not being the smartest species and their inability to register pain, they are capable of scavenging for fruit outside, should an eye be kept on them to ensure they aren't climbing too high and falling out of trees and such.


Abilities & Skills:

The cheek pouches on the Hopkets are where their mimicking ability comes from. When they breath in with the intent to mimic the air travels into the punches and bounces off the wall of the punch to create a marvelous humm that can sound like anything.  Despite not being the smartest they are quick to catch onto sounds and are even quicker to mimic them. Their inability to register pain makes them highly resilient, although if not watched it can become a detriment to them as well.



Hopkets breed very sparingly, their primary focus is fun not breeding! In order to properly breed, a Hopket breeder must try and introduce two Hopkets to each other alone to encourage a form of bonding. Placing anymore than 2 Hopkets together will almost certainly ensure that they get distracted and run off to play instead of bonding. When they DO bond they produce a ton of babies in one litter- anywhere up to 10. This impacts the female Hopkets on a significant level, making it so they are only able to breed once a year, commonly right around Kindreux. This helps avoid putting too much stress on the female Hopkets and ensures the babies go to loving homes and not go extinct out in the wild due to their own stupidity and obliviousness.


Hopkets are not monogamous either, they will breed with a different potential partner coming next year if the option is available.

Colors and Markings:

Hopkets can come in a total of six (6) different body colors and have six (6) different marking varieties. The markings have to be of a similar hue as the body color. Their hair fluff and neck fluff are to be a darker hue from the body color and must look different color wise from the markings color.

The Hopkets also have an accent color that goes on their cheek pouches, belly pouch, and tail fin. These can be any color except pure white and black, but they must all be the same color. 

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Hopket Palette.png
Hopket Markings.png
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