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Welcome to Whistler Crest!

What exactly is Whistler Crest?

Whistler Crest is an ARPG hosted on DeviantART. ARPG stands for art role playing game, which means you design, grow and develop a character through art! By doing so you can customize your character, develop friendships and determine your place within our community. 

Can I join?

Whistler Crest is a free to join group and you are given four (4) free MYO, or make your own, slots for characters to design. Much like an RPG game, your character will gain experience with every art submission you make, and this will help them level up. Leveling up grants you access to different customization, or upgrades, to make your character's appearance whatever you'd like!

Should I join?

The aim of Whistler Crest is to provide an environment of growth. We hope to help artists develop their craft and make friends along the way. As your characters grow, so do you, and so does your skills! We hope to facilitate health personal growth and creativity. The more you draw the wider the world grows!

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