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Details on how to apply each upgrade will be revealed in full at the end of the event.
You will have exactly one (1) month to apply the upgrades post-event.
So the deadline for application is  Thursday December 1st, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

Spiritual Scars will be locked to the participating character, but all other upgrades earned can be given to any of your characters.


Spiritual Scars (Universal)

This upgrade can be acquired by showcasing your character being injured by a Chaos Construct. The injuries should appear like scars/claw marks. You may have creative freedom with the general shape/length of these scars. They can go anywhere on the body but can not damage the Mana organ (Whiskers, Third Eye Gem, Palm Stars) of your character. They will become the inverse colour to whatever area they run across and will glow the same colour as your character's Mana. Should your character project more than one colour it can be either colour or a gradient of both. 


Paradox Gourd Tail (Universal)

This upgrade can be acquired simply by participating in the event. A single submission is all that's needed. You can grow a Paradox Gourd on the tip of your character's elongated tail. This gourd can vary in shape but should use the colour palette of Paradox Gourds. You have creative freedom with the face that appears on your tail. This face can be selectively visible. Vines grow from the gourd and wrap around the portion of your tail. From tip upwards is a gradient as shown above. This upgrade will elongate your character's tail.


Temporal Glands (Universal)

This upgrade can be acquired simply by participating in the event. At least two (2) submissions are needed to unlock this upgrade. This upgrade will allow you to add gill-like slits on either side of your character's neck, sides and/or the sides or top and bottom of your character's tail. You Meaning you can have anywhere from six (6) to eighteen (18) of these glands. They can glow any colour of your choosing (excluding white and black). 



Unfortunate Inner Glow, Wretched Tongue and Pitiful Ears are all returning for their final time. Each can be earned by drawing your character fending off/fighting either an Unfortunate, a Wretched or a Pitiful. In order to unlock the upgrade you must showcase the Chaos Construct which corresponds to the upgrade. You may acquire all three upgrades by drawing each Chaos Construct. Each upgrade will be applicable two (2) times

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