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Whistler Crest's Guide to Banking


The official bank tracker can be found listed above or pinned in the #silvers-bank channel on our Discord.
The lists of bankable items can be found

This guide will go over the following:
•How to deposit and withdraw items from your bank account
•Items that can be put in your bank
•How to register a change to your username, or the name of one of your characters
•What to do after trading items with another member
•What to do after purchasing an item from the cash sho

How do I deposit and withdraw items from the bank?

You would need to use the #silvers-bank channel, located in the official Discord server under the "Community" category! Here you can submit items to be recorded. The submission format is as follows:

DeviantArt Username:
Depositing [OR] Withdrawing: (the amount of capella or ringel, or any items you would like to stash away, goes here!)

Proof: (your proof goes here - usually a screenshot, or a link to the comment, message, or post proving you earned the item!)

Proof of earning any item or currency must ALWAYS be provided, or else your items will essentially be voided.

Additionally, members are allowed to both deposit and withdraw items within the same message, however please treat them as their own categories if this is the case and do not combine deposits and withdrawals on the same line of text.

What, exactly, can I put in the bank?

The bank has two sections: normal banking, and event banking.

The list of normal bank items can be found HERE.

The list of event bank items can be found HERE.

The two types don't affect how you store them, but it does effect where you should go on the spreadsheet to find them!

What do I do if I want to change my name or my character's name?

Very simple! In the "Depositing" section of the form, you would simply fill out either "username name change: [old] --> [new]" or "character name change: [old] --> [new]". Remember, we use your DeviantArt account to track your bank, NOT your Discord account!

I've traded items with another member, or purchased an item from a shop. What now?

Once a trade has been confirmed with another user in #atlas-trading-post in the Discord server, both parties will need to make their way to the bank channel!

First, take a screenshot of the interaction showing both the items being traded as well as the confirmation messages from both members. The member receiving the item will need to deposit it into their bank using the form, and the giving user will need to withdraw the item from their bank using the form!

If making a purchase from either the Shopping Center or the Cash Shop, you'll need to head over to the #purchase-claim channel, located in the official Discord under the "Help" Category! 

When you purchase your item, you can leave a comment that you have proof of purchase, and an available member of staff will let you DM them to confirm! 

Once you've DM'd a mod to confirm your purchase, take a screenshot of the confirmation (make sure to black out any visible personal details!) and post it in #silvers-bank in the "Proof" section of the banking form to show you own the item, and it will be deposited into the bank for you!

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