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Growing Up Your Nyulop

So you've reached level 5! (Or above...!) Congratulations! This is a truly important milestone! It means your cute little Nyulop is on their way to becoming an over dramatic and angsty teen! 

What? You didn't think you'd be diving into adulthood right away, did you? Psh. We can't skip over the awkward years!

Why Should I Grow Up?


While there's absolutely no rush, and we encourage you to take your time and develop your character first, there are some things that will only be accessible to matured Nyulop.

Firstly, those fantastic Adult Upgrades! Without maturing your Nyulop will not have access to numerous upgrades that're specially designed for matured folks.

Secondly, Quests! While some small scale quests are made available for kids, the real meaty quests (the ones with the best payouts!) are strictly for matured Nyulop to partake in.

Thirdly, learning to control their Charms! Baby Nyulop have absolutely no control over their charms, but matured Nyulop do! In fact, they'll be able to develop specific skills and forms of charm manipulation to better enhance their casting!

Lastly, and for those of you who care to partake, only matured Nyulop will be permitted to be in romantic relationships.

We Should Go Over Some Details!

Here you can see a Lucky and Unlucky Nyulop.
And it seems they've grown quite a bit from the little pudgy balls they once were!

There are definitely some key visual things we need to take note of!

► Matured Nyulop are taller! Their limbs have stretched out and their baby fat is gone! 

► Their ears have gotten a bit longer and taller, standing a bit more upright.

► Their tails have gotten fluffier and their fur thicker.

► Their little fingers have grown out and become more pronounced 'hands'.

► They're standing comfortably upright with excellent posture!

But what about their posture in general?

Even as matured creatures, Nyulop retain their ability to comfortably walk on twos or all fours. Meaning Nyulop can be either bipedal or quadrupeds (although we hope quads wash their paws before eating meals!) Their bodies are developed for walking and running in either stance, although walking casually is more comfortable on two legs, while running on all fours is preferred.

Drawing Your Application Image

Now that you better understand the matured Nyulop appearance, let's talk about growing your baby up!

We'll need a volunteer.  Hmm. How about a fluff boy...Oswald!


► Make sure the markings are visible! (If you have back markings, you may choose to include them in the application.)

► No accessories or anything obstructing the view of your character's body.

► Make sure at least one eye is open/visible so we can see the pretty colour.

► Keep their poses relatively similar for easier comparison.

► No shading or fanciness here, just plain ol' flats. We need to see their true colours.

What About Upgrades?

Why, I'm glad you asked! Here's the rundown.

Upgrades that grow with your Nyulop:

► Starter Stripes, Starter Spots: They may morph to fit the new elongated shape of the adult, but the stripes should not move around or multiply.

► Fluffy Shoulders: They become size relative to what they were as a baby.

► Back Spikes: They should remain relatively sized according to what they were on the baby!

Upgrades that will NOT grow with your Nyulop:

► Horns: Uni Horn, Draken Horns, Starter Horns, Ceros Horn.

► Tuft: This should remain smaller!


Appropriate size of thumbs is showcased in above images!
Claws remain size appropriate to their new hand shapes. Refer to Oswald above!

If you are slow-growing your Nyulop, adult upgrades may be applied to them once their adult application is approved, as long as they meet the requirements for the upgrades!

Finishing Your Application


► Name:
► Age: (13-18)
► Level:
► Alignment: (Lucky v. Unlucky)

► EXP Tracker: 


Any additional information you would like to include is optional. If you want to include their baby approval image, most up to date baby picture, or things like their sexuality, height, weight, etc. that's more than acceptable! Have fun with it so long as you include the necessary information above.

Make sure you put your application together using the above template! Then you just need to submit it to the #adult-nyulop-approvals in the DiscordPlease be sure to read the rules listed there before submitting. Better safe than sorry! Best of luck in aging your fluff ball into a bigger fluff ball.

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