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Growing Up Your Draken

So you've reached level 5! (Or above!)

Now you can finally grow your Draken up! But before you do so, let's go over some details about an adult Draken that you will need to know before you start drawing!

Why Should I Grow Up?


There's no rush to grow your Draken up, so you're welcome to take the time you want and need to develop your character! Keep in mind if you keep your character a child forever, however, they will not be able to partake in certain activities. If you never grow your Draken up, they will be permanently stuck at level 10 once they reach it. They will never be able to learn magic or take feats. In addition, baby Draken are unable to take part in quests and they are unable to form romantic relationships.  Most importantly however, they won't be able to apply any adult upgrades.


Once your baby Draken grows up, there's no going back.
You cannot reverse growing up. 

So choose carefully!

Lets Look At An Adult Draken

• Adult Draken have three claws and a thumb on each hand!

• Their snouts grow out and become more obviously 'dragon-like'. Each snout has four teeth-like notches. Two at the front of the mouth, and two at the back of the mouth.

• They have three clawed toes on each foot!

• Their ears grow out a little, and their horns grow a tad bit bigger! 

• The tail grows out a bit too!

• Their limbs are evenly proportioned for their height!

• Draken now stand on their toes! Their posture is different from a baby's posture. 

• Most importantly, Draken now have a third eye gem on their forehead. This gem takes the place of the V-notch on the baby Draken's head. The third eye gem is very important to being alive, so you cannot forget it.


The Important Part of An Adult Draken Is Their Third Eye Gem.

The Important Part of An Adult Draken Is Their Third Eye Gem


The third eye gem grows out of the Draken's forehead, where the 'V' notch on the baby once was. The third eye gem is always an oval, and smooth on the top. It doesn't have any patterns or texture to it. It's one solid color on your Draken's standard element palette that isn't already on your Draken. Alternate palettes cannot be used on Standard Draken. Alternate palettes can only be used on special Draken that correspond to the palette (ex. Only Blessed Draken can use the Blessed Palette, and only Anniversary Draken can use the Anniversary Palette.)

• If the essence of the third eye gem were to be sucked out, or the physical gem to be ripped out of a Draken's forehead, they would die instantly.
• The third eye gem is attached to an organ that takes Mana out of the air and turns it into a usable force.

In order to draw the pictures for your growing up application,
let's take a look at Rinzo!


• Make sure the markings on the child and adult are fully visible and that nothing is obstructing them. Make sure to leave accessories off.

• Don't shade either picture!

• The markings can warp a bit to fit their new adult form, but no new markings may be added!

• The baby wings should stay baby wings! Don't grow them out!

• Horn upgrades such as the Gooey horns may only grow out to the size of a Draken's base horns. They will evolve into their own upgrades so do not grow them out too much!

• Tail upgrades may grow to the size of an adult Draken's tail without any upgrades on it.


Now Let's See What You Shouldn't Be Doing!


• The baby must be facing front in the application!

• NO adding new upgrades on the adult template! (I'm looking at you, neck fluff!)

• That includes horns! You may grow out the horns very slightly, but they must stay the base color of your Draken unless it's inside a marking - then it has to be the color of that marking! The horns cannot be fully grown out yet.

• The third eye gem must be one solid color, and have no patterns on it!
• The third eye gem must be a color on your Draken's element palette! (One that isn't already on your Draken!)

• You cannot add markings to your Draken when growing them up!

• Additionally, don't add upgrades that don't exist! (I.E the hair tuft and cheek fur.)

• If your Draken has the baby wings upgrade, don't grow them out when they grow up! They have to stay small!

• The images should not be shaded!


In addition to the average grow up rules, all Draken are different and they all grow into different bodies! Your Draken may have a unique body type when they grow up provided it doesn't include any new upgrades or markings. 

Their existing markings will warp to fit the body they grow into. 

Above are some examples: Average, Small, Large and Stocky and Chubby - but your Draken can have whatever body type you can think of!

REMEMBER! When Draken grow up, they ultimately become taller than adult Nyulop. The maximum height of a Draken varies from 5'7" to 6'7".

What If You Want to Slow-grow Your Draken?

Draken, in comparison to Nyulop, have much more visible changes when they slow-grow. To slow-grow your Draken, you must submit an adult application as normal, with both the fully child and fully adult forms. Then, you can begin slow-growing your Draken!

Below is an example of the stages of slow-growing. Once your Draken’s adult application is approved, slow-grow Draken must always have a small portion of their third eye gem showing. Their third eye gem should slowly open through the stages.

If you would like, you may show more or less growth than these four stages.

Slow-growing Draken can have adult upgrades applied after their adult application is approved, as long as they meet the upgrades’ application requirements. 


Feats are things your character can do naturally without any previous training,

as it is something they are born with.

Fire Breath
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Fire element
Description: Breathe a stream of fire up to 10 feet in front of you.
Your password is Pyro.

Fire Resistant
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Fire element
Description: You can sustain fire on your body indefinitely


Breeze Caller
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Wind element
Description: You can call small gusts of wind at-will. This wind is as about as powerful as a light breeze.
Your password is Gale.

Light As Air
Growing Up, Wind element
Description: You find yourself lighter than other Draken, and able to hover in the air for a few seconds before 


Water Jet
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Water element
Description: Shoot a pressurized jet of water from your mouth that can fly up to 15 feet.
Your password is Brine.

Growing Up, Water element
Description: Your scales are tightly packed and able to resist the chill of river water. You can stay underwater 
for 20 minutes without having to come up for air.

Lively Touch
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Earth element
Description: Speed-up the growth of any plant by touching it. If not controlled, it can lead to some awkward situations.
Your password is Soil.

Rock-Tough Skin
Growing Up, Earth element
Description: Your scales are super tough, making you difficult to move if you don't allow it. It takes about 
20lbs of force to damage you.


Ice Breath
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Ice element
Description: Breathe a stream of extremely cold breath up to 10 feet in front of you. It takes about 15 seconds to freeze whatever it's touching.
Your password is Frost.

Cold Resistant
Growing Up, Ice element
Description: You can sustain ice and other cold objects on your body indefinitely.


Static Shock
Prerequisite: Growing Up, Lightning element
Description: Deliver a small bolt of electricity that can reach up to 15 feet in front of you. It's small and 
nowhere near deadly.
Your password is Plasma.

Growing Up, Lightning element
Description: Excess electricity can flow through your body freely without damage done to you. You are able to conduct electricity without negative repercussions.


Dual Element Draken may take the starter skills and feats for both of their elements.
In return, they cannot go as far on their elemental skill trees as a Draken with one element.



• Name:
• Age: (13-18)
• Level:
• Element:
• Skill(s):
• Feat(s):

• EXP Tracker:


Be sure to put your Draken's original approval image in the description somewhere! Also, be sure to include a link to your character's EXP tracker.

When that's all done, submit it to the #adult-draken-approvals in the Discord! Be sure to read the guide before submitting, if you don't find the password your application may be denied until you do. In order to submit the password, just put it the description of your application.

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