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Known Creature Details



Pronounced: Grr-oink

Female: Gilt/Sow | Male: Hog | Baby: Groinklet

Groinks are fairly new to Whistler Crest and not much is known about them. Remy acquired the small sounder (Remy says this is a term for a group of Groink) from a friend of his back home. Wherever that is! The creatures appear to be very docile and compliant, posing very little resistance when herded. They seem unbothered by young Draken and Nyulop poking and petting them. They appear to eat just about everything, favouring bread and vegetables most! It is unknown what Remy intends to do with his Groink, but for now he seems to be studying them.


We are also aware of the fact Topsy has a Groink named Greta! 

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