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Known Creature Details

Grabby Pappy
Pronunciation: grabē papē
Males: Pabby | Females: Mappy
Young: Bappy

Grabby Pappies, or just "Grabbies," are mischievous little creatures. Often found in dense tree areas, such as a forest or jungle, living in the treetops. It's a known habit that Grabbies are known for stealing random items from finley. This can become a real hassle tracking one down. Grabbies are also known for their pranks and tomfoolery. It's best to keep an eye out when traveling.


Physical Variety


Grabbies vary in different shades of brown while their feet match the leaf-like plume around their neck. Each Grabby has a prehensile tail used for hanging from branches.


Grabbies mainly eat nuts and fruits for their diet; Twin Moon Pods being one of their favorites.

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