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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Jem-ee-poe

Female: Hen | Male: Cod | Baby: Chick

These birds are very friendly and social animals. They seem to almost prefer to be in captivity, always seeking to be around others. Even when in the wild they will always be seen in a flock of other Gemipo, or at the very least with one partner at their side. They are extremely intelligent and bond quickly with new owners. They naturally grow gems on their body, and it is said if the bond between a Gemipo and their owner is strong enough, the owner might sprout some similar gems of their own!


Varieties with their Appearance


Gemipo come in all sorts of colors and markings. These markings will always be a lighter or darker shade of their main body. Another color trait that is shared among all Gemipo are the dark markings on their wings, chest, and the tip of their beak. These markings will always be dark, a stark contrast to their usual bright coloration.

Their rarity depends on how many gems are on their body, and what colors they are. Having large, differently colored gems is most sought after!



Gemipo are very fickle when it comes to food. Their tastes can change depending on one's personality, but it is normal for them to be picky. Most will outright refuse any food they decide they do not want, being stubborn until they are finally served what they do want.


All Gemipo enjoy a tasty snack of gems, the more shiny the better. The more gems they eat, the tougher and subsequently more valuable the gems on their body will grow. While gems are the preferred meal, rocks, minerals, and on the very rare chance, berries and seeds, can also be offered to attempt to appease the limited diet of your Gemipo.




Gemipo have a set breeding season, only breeding in the colder winter seasons. They have a mate for life, and only have one or two eggs on average. If a Gemipo's life mate were to pass away, they would never look for another, and if the remaining bird were the mother, she would never be able to lay eggs again.

Abilities and Skills


Gemipo are incredibly loyal to whoever they bond with, and will not leave their side for any reason.


They are also capable of speaking, and will know bits and pieces of spoken language even before being brought into a home. Since they enjoy being around other creatures, they pick up many noises to mimic, including those of creatures intelligent enough to speak.

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