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EXP & Level Guide

Hello and welcome to the Whistler Crest Level System and EXP Guide!

Here you will learn how to calculate and make use of EXP you earn from drawing.


Think of gaining EXP like you would in games: each member of your team/party (your characters) gain their own EXP and levels. You have a standard 1-4 characters to start when you join the community and you will raise them all individually. Each of your characters gains their own EXP either by being included in submissions or by being given EXP from a submission that includes none of your own characters. Each character also has their own level that you need to keep track of.


EXP Trackers are required for all characters. Trackers must include individual entries for each art piece, the experience earned from that art piece, and the current level of the character. 

For members who have participated in the group before March 1st, 2021, you may add an entry to your tracker that states the amount of EXP on March 1st, 2021 and start tracking your EXP from that date. 

Trackers can be ones you make yourself, or any of the following official trackers made by staff:

NeverHill's WC Tracker

NeraEngem's EXP tracker - Nera's Example


We recommend you make use of the EXP icons provided by the group.


They should be included in the description of your submission to indicate where your EXP tracking information is located. The colour does not matter, you are free to use whichever you'd like.


You earn EXP by drawing anything Whistler Crest related and submitting it to the group.
Shown below is a visual guide on what types of art are valued at.

Visual Guild


EXP Headshot.png

Headshots: +5 EXP (each)

EXP Bust.png
EXP Fullbody.png

Fullbodies: +15 EXP (each)

Busts: +10 EXP (each)

EXP Shaded Character.png
EXP Writing.png
EXP Craft.png

Stories: +10 EXP per 200 words

(Writing must be attached to an image that is at minimum flat colored.)

Real-Life Crafts: Ask Mods!

Shaded Figures: +30 EXP (per figure)

EXP NPC or Gift.png

NPC/Gift Characters: Add an additional 10 EXP on the usual count

EXP Creature.png

+10 EXP for wild creatures
+25 EXP for owned creatures (pets/companions)



Backgrounds are a very good way to earn EXP for your characters.
But how do you qualify your backgrounds?

BG Guide Simple BG.png

This is our starting point. The simple background from which all other backgrounds can be expanded upon. From this onward you can count your EXP depending on level of complexity featured in your background.

Simple Background: +10 EXP

These are backgrounds that has only one (1) element and/or are very basic. Does not require shading. This includes blobs of colours and abstract shapes.

BG Guide Medium BG1.png
BG Guide Medium BG2.png

Medium Background: +30 EXP

These are backgrounds that are fully shaded and have at least two to three (2-3) additional elements.

BG Guide Complex BG1.png
BG Guide Complex BG2.png

Complex Background: +55 EXP

These are backgrounds which are fully shaded and have four (4) or more elements and ideally should follow the principle of foreground, middle ground and background to create the illusion of depth within a scene.

BG Guide Shading.png

When it comes to shading...

You should make sure to always have distinct and clearly visible light source. Highlights are optional, but will add extra detailing within your submission. Using textures is allowed, however they shouldn't be used to replace shading or cover and image to such an extent that shading is obscured. You can implement a variety of shading methods including soft or cel, so long as the shading is distinguishable.

EXP Simple BG.png

Simple Backgrounds

EXP Complex BG.png

Complex Backgrounds


Should you be doing a collab there are a few key things to remember!

1) You both earn the same amount of EXP from the submission. You do NOT split the EXP gained.

For example, if you earn 300 EXP from your submission, you each earn 300 EXP (you do not split it into 150 EXP each).

2) All of you must submit the image to either dA or this website to count EXP, but only one member of the collab should submit the image to the group gallery, as to avoid submitting the same image being submitted multiple times.

3) All members must be credited in the description of the submission so members of staff can confirm
the EXP gain for all persons involved.




• All characters start at level 0 with 0 EXP, including adopted ones.

• EXP stacks, so you will continuously add to your total EXP gain per character.

• Every 100 EXP your character will level up. So 100 EXP is level 1, 200 EXP is level 2, etc.

• EXP prioritizes characters included. This means that, if your character is present in the submission, they will gain the EXP.
If you include more than one of your characters in a submission you split the EXP between them.

• If you draw a submission that does not include ANY of your characters (example: a gift for another member featuring their characters, or a drawing of an NPC) then you may split the EXP between all your characters however you'd like.

Babies cap at level 10. This means your character will stop gaining EXP until they grow up.
Adults currently cap at level 50. This will continuously change as more and more characters reach this level.

EXP Guide Image.png

Counting Your EXP Example

Counting your EXP may seem daunting at first, but it's really just a matter of knowing the value of what you're drawing!

Here we see two characters in a detailed background. 

So you would count it like this:

+ 2 full bodies
+ Gift (one character belongs to another member)
+ Shading (2 characters)

+ Detailed background

30 + 10 + 55 + 60 = 155 EXP

Counting EXP

• Images should have at minimum flat colors to be counted for EXP (color palette challenges count as flat colors.)


• As long at least 70% of your character's body is showing, it can be counted as a fullbody.

• As long as the details of a character are clear and they are easily identifiable, you can count a small figure for EXP.

• Shading is counted per character, even if they are not a fullbody.

• Creatures can be counted for shading EXP.
 They do not, however, count for gift EXP.

• Comic pages are counted per unique panel for EXP. If you're unsure about a comic's EXP count, ask!

• Animations are counted for EXP per each unique frame, with each unique frame being counted as it was its own standalone image. The frame count should be listed in the description of the image. Simple animations (sticking out a tongue, blinking, simple head bobbing, etc.) count for the base amount of EXP. If you're unsure about an animation's EXP count, ask!

• If you draw another member's characters on that member's birthday, you can get double EXP for that art.

Levels and EXP

Levels and EXP

Level 1: 100 EXP

Level 2: 200 EXP

Level 3: 300 EXP

Level 4: 400 EXP

Level 5: 500 EXP - You can grow up at this level

Level 6: 600 EXP

Level 7: 700 EXP

Level 8: 800 EXP

Level 9: 900 EXP

Level 10 : 1000 EXP - Baby characters cap at this level

Level 11: 1100 EXP

Level 12: 1200 EXP

Level 13: 1300 EXP

Level 14: 1400 EXP

Level 15: 1500 EXP

Level 16: 1600 EXP

Level 17: 1700 EXP

Level 18: 1800 EXP

Level 19: 1900 EXP

Level 20: 2000 EXP

Level 21: 2100 EXP

Level 22: 2200 EXP

Level 23: 2300 EXP

Level 24: 2400 EXP

Level 25: 2500 EXP

Level 26: 2600 EXP

Level 27: 2700 EXP

Level 28: 2800 EXP

Level 29: 2900 EXP

Level 30: 3000 EXP 

Level 31: 3100 EXP

Level 32: 3200 EXP

Level 33: 3300 EXP

Level 34: 3400 EXP

Level 35: 3500 EXP 

Level 36: 3600 EXP

Level 37: 3700 EXP

Level 38: 3800 EXP

Level 39: 3900 EXP

Level 40: 4000 EXP

Level 41: 4100 EXP

Level 42: 4200 EXP

Level 43: 4300 EXP

Level 44: 4400 EXP

Level 45: 4500 EXP

Level 46: 4600 EXP

Level 47: 4700 EXP

Level 48: 4800 EXP

Level 49: 4900 EXP

Level 50: 5000 EXP - Current adult level cap

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