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Dual Draken

Two Elements

Dual-element Draken are not considered a subspecies of Draken, as they share all the normal traits as a Standard Draken - with a single key difference. A dual-element Draken is born with two genetic elements, as opposed to just one. They are the closest thing that Draken have to a subspecies, even if they are not considered as such. 

Dual-element Draken can not be freely created as MYOs. They will be available to all members, but not through the same system as the standard Draken. They will be accessible through adopts, giveaways and breeding!

More information on the Draken can be found here.

Rarity: Super Rare ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

dual baby

Double the Elements

Since Dual-Element Draken possess two elements naturally, they can use magic from both elemental skill trees — but there is a bit of a catch!


Dual-Element Draken can only learn up to Tier 5 magic in each branch on their skill trees, and they have a lower amount of Open Slots. This can be read about in greater detail on the Draken Magic page.

So, Dual-Element Draken cannot learn nearly as many spells as a Draken with a single element can. They cannot fully master either of their elements, so while they have a great amount of versatility, they do not have a lot of magical strength. Of course, Dual-Element Draken can always learn to make the best of what is available to them as they have a lot more options than a standard Draken. 

Their two Elements limit their Mana reserves a bit, hence their lack of capacity for higher level spells. Dual-Element Draken are more susceptible to mana burn, and are most susceptible to developing chronic Mana Burn later in life. 

Dual baby.png
Dual baby 2.png


The existence of Dual-Element Draken is naturally occurring, they are just incredibly rare. Duals were known to exist alongside other single element Draken since the creation of written records. A handful of Duals were known to exist within many settlements, and most were described as being bogged down by some mysterious health problems with no cure. We know these problems as “Mana Burn” in the current day, so it appears that lack of information about how magic affected a Dual’s body lead to many accidentally overloading themselves and suffering the consequences for it. In a worst case scenario, members of the society would look down upon suffering, sickly Dual-Element Draken for not being able to do their part for the community and were considered outcasts by their kind. Most Duals were given nothing more but a few strange and confused looks, but otherwise lived normally among their kin. 


In more modern times, communities on Kladeon are more aware of the heightened effect that magic has on a Dual-Element Draken’s body and many methods of practicing magic are written to make practicing magic a more accessible and healthy process for everyone. Dual-Element Draken have evolved over time, as well, becoming a bit more resistant to magic overload than the first records of Dual-Element health problems would suggest. However, it still happens from time to time, and inexperienced Duals are encouraged to take it slow.

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