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Known Creature Details


Pronunciation: Drake-Sprite

Singular: Drakesprite | Plural: Drakesprites

Drakesprites were once thought to be mythical creatures, and were recently discovered by the members of the Questing Guild before they mounted an expedition to the west. Though they are very clearly real, no one knows where they originated from. They easily adapt to their surroundings, making them very similar to Nyulop and Draken. They have the miraculous ability to recycle dead mana, that and their normally docile disposition make them good companions for citizens suffering from Mana Burn.




Available texts on Drakesprites note that they breed very similarly to Nyulop and Draken - by bringing their mana pools together and using the energy to create an egg. Because of the small and simple structure of a Drakesprite, they do not need a special plant to do this. It is theorized, however, that the lack of a plant in their mating rituals is due to the raw mana housed within a Drakesprite. 



Drakesprites are omnivorous. Available texts state that Drakesprites used to live around the world, so their diet may very well be based on where they were born and raised. It seems that Drakesprites around the forest have a tendency to use their claws to peel the bark off of trees and get at the sap underneath. They have been observed to eat bugs as well. 

Abilities and Skills


The most notable feature of a Drakesprite is their ability to recycle dead mana. Drakesprites have been known to channel mana in other simple ways. The form this mana takes influences what color the Drakesprite is. Of course, Drakesprites can be more than one color, so those that are different colors may exhibit more than one of these abilities. Drakesprites have been observed to use the following magical abilities: 

Red: Breathe fire

Blue: Shoot jets of water from their mouth

Yellow: Call strong winds

Green: Heal minor wounds (This ability has been observed to enhance the health of wilted plants)

Pink and Purple: Breathe small bolts of lightning

Light Blue and Off White: Breathe frost

Brown and Tan: Increases the luck of itself and selected beings within 10 feet of it

Grey: Decreases the luck of selected beings within 10 feet of it

Pure White: Drakesprites with pure white scales and fur are said to not just recycle dead mana, but generate new mana particles entirely. 

Pure Black: This color has never been observed on a Drakesprite in reality, though stories of Drakesprites with pitch black scales and fur have been passed down for generations.



Another key feature of the Drakesprite is their abundant variety and adaptability that seemingly mimics Nyulop and Draken. Available texts state that two different Drakesprites with two different sets of features are both able to live healthy lives. It seems that the existence of Drakesprite features is linked to their deep connection with mana particles. Unlike Nyulop and Draken, a Drakesprite is born with all of it’s features and will never receive new features or lose current features. 


Currently known parts of the Drakesprite affected by features include: Ears, Horns, Wings, Limbs, Tails, Markings, Colors and a miscellaneous category labelled “Extra”.



Some Drakesprite features are more common than others. There is existing documentation on the categorization of Drakesprite rarity.


Rarity of features is explained on the features page, but depending upon how many rare features a Drakesprite is born with, they are also assigned a rarity. The higher the rarity, the more sought after the Drakesprite is. 


The categories of Drakesprite rarity are as follows:

Common Drakesprites and features can be found anywhere, on any Drakesprite. If you find a Drakesprite in the wild, chances are they will have at least one or two common features - if not all common features. 


Uncommon Drakesprites and features are slightly less common. There is a chance that a Drakesprite in the wild will have at least one of these features, though they are not representative of the most commonly known Drakesprite “shape”. They can be small differences like shorter ears, or the existence of horn nubs.


Rare Drakesprites and features are a sight to behold. These features may be seen as majestic and will be highly sought after by those wanting a special companion. Rare features include fluff instead of scales, or extra fingers like a thumb. 


Legendary Drakesprites and features are rarely seen. If you happen across a Drakesprite with at least one legendary feature, you’re very lucky! A legendary feature is truly the height of majesty! These are extra special features that could see your Drakesprite with multiple sets of horns, or multiple sets of wings. 


Mythic Drakesprites and features are the stuff of legends. These are the sorts of things that you only hear about in stories - but if you’re lucky enough to find a Drakesprite boasting one of these features don’t you think you might be starring in a story of your own?! No? Well, that’s fair. You’re beyond lucky, though! It is said that some mythic features can be harmful to the Drakesprite, such as multiple arms or mismatched wings, but no documentation mentions Drakesprites with mythic features being more unhealthy compared to Drakesprites with no mythic features.


Drakesprites are ranked in rarity according to a points system. Count up how many features of each rarity your Drakesprite has.

Common Features: 0 Points

Uncommon Features: 1 Point

Rare Features: 2 Points

Legendary Features: 3 Points

Mythic Features: 4 Points


Add them up, and see what the total comes out to. This determines the Drakesprite’s total rarity.



0-4 Points = Common

4-6 Points = Uncommon

6-12 Points = Rare

12-16 Points = Legendary

16+ Points = Mythic


There are a few exceptions to this method, those being:


Drakesprites with at least one legendary feature can't be ranked below rare. 

Drakesprites with at least one mythic feature can't be ranked below legendary.

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