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Creating Your Very Own Draken

Draken are a free MYO species of which you may make two (2).
More character slots can be won/earned/bought if desired.

If making an Anniversary Draken, Click Here

If you are creating a Draken for The Isle of Xaaida then you are eligible for one (1) free slot.

Currently only Standard Draken are free to make.
Dual Draken are only available under special circumstances, like adopts or events.

Choose Your Element


The first decision that you need to make is deciding on your Draken's Element.

There are six (6) different elements you can choose from!
Fire, WaterWindEarth, Ice and Lightning are all choices you can make. While their differences are more aesthetic on the outside, this choice will also dictate which magic your Draken will be able to learn when they grow up!

Palette Colours

Each element has its own colour palette. You will be able to only choose colors from the palette that corresponds to your Draken's element!

Remember, you can choose up to two (2) additional colours from their elemental palette for secondary colour placements to put on top of the base colour you chose.

You must choose one (1) colour from their elemental palette the base color.

Fire Draken Starter.png
Water Draken Starter.png
Wind Draken Starter.png
Earth Draken Starter.png
Ice Draken Starter.png
Lightning Draken Starter.png

Colour Placement


Shown are two Draken, the left of which has illegal colour placements and applications.


You may place four (4) simple colour placements on your Draken.

No stripes, spots or complex designs. Keep it nice and simple!

Remember, you can choose up to two (2) colours from their elemental palette for the secondary colours.

Shown here are two Draken which both have a legal colour applications and an appropriate number of placements.


• Colour placements should not take up more than 40% of your Draken's body. Their base color should be easily identifiable.

• Symmetrical colour placements count as a single placement. So if you put the same colour placement on both of your Draken's hands it would count as one (1) placement.


Their teeth must be some sort of white and their tongues/gums can be any colour on their elemental palette, or pink/flesh toned.

Their eyebrows must be one of the chosen secondary colours or the base colour.

Both eyes must match and they can be any colour you desire. Their sclera should be pure white (#FFFFFF) and pupils should be rounded and pure black (#000000).

The iris may not be pure white (#FFFFFF) or pure black (#000000).


You may choose off-whites and greys, but it should be obvious that they are not pure white or black.




It is important to remember that baby Draken are very short and chubby!

They stand flat footed, and have no visible toes or fingers, aside from one thumb on each hand.

They also have a V-shaped notch on their forehead, which is very important to remember!

Application Image

Important Things to Remember:

• Their face should be completely visible.

• Their tail should be visible.

• Limbs should be visible.

• At least one eye needs to be open.

• Pose should be simple and show your Draken standing or sitting.

• Color placements should be easily discernible from the pose. (If not, please include a guide to their placements!)

• Lineart must be solid black, a requirement only for application images.

• Application images should be unshaded.


Putting Your Application Together

One final thing...

Now that you've made it through and are ready to get your Draken submitted, all that's left is to apply the image you created to this template and submit them for approval.

Be sure to include the following information in your entry's description!

• Name:
• Species: Draken (element)
• Gender:
• Creation: MYO

Once uploaded you can submit the application to the #baby-draken-approvals channel!

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