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An Introduction to Draken Magic

Draken magic is inherent. While children are not born with the ability to bend mana, the sense begins to heighten as the third eye gem grows in. The intake and use of mana is a natural action for grown Draken, observed through growing Draken beginning to make use of their newly gained elemental abilities.  Though, baby Draken are still able to exhibit differences from each element early on.

There is not much written history on the growth of Draken styles of magic. It is so natural to them that magical growth differs depending on the individual; it is not something that needs to be passed down from generation to generation. What few documents that have been salvaged talk of Six Great Sages, whose power was said to rival those of energysent. 

The Six Great Sages dedicated their lives and bodies to honing their ability in an attempt to transcend the physicality of their magic and their form. Each sage possessed the entire strength of their element, able to bend that element to their will. It is speculated that their path to enlightenment is how the Third Eye Gem got its name.

The Elements

There are six different elements that a Draken may be born as. Many are born with a single element, but some may very rarely be born in tune with two elements. Dual Element Draken will be discussed later, but for now we will move on to discuss each element and their ease of use. 

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