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Draken Courtship

As Draken enter adolescence, they may start to develop romantic feelings for others, and may desire romantic companionship with others. Many adolescent Draken will have to work out these new feelings.


Draken display species specific tendencies and behaviors associated with feelings of infatuation and love and will most often display these when attempting courtship (though certain gestures may be displayed…by accident). Both female and male Draken will take on the role of pursuer, as Draken do not display or adhere to gender roles when undertaking a courtship attempt.


Finding A Partner


Most Draken pursue a single life long partner though their pursuit in mating for life is not always successful. Draken will break up with their partners if it is not working out. In old texts, Draken who split up were expected to defend their territory from one another. Society has since then grown out of silly customs but it is possible it may come up every now and again though Draken are not creatures of instinct. Otherwise, the result of a break up depends heavily on the individuals involved.


Duals used to have a harder time courting potential mates due to their susceptibility to Mana Burnout - which makes them difficult to breed with. As survival is becoming more of a non issue, those looking for romance tend to overlook those factors nowadays.

Courtship Behavior


Like with most relationships, Draken that just start dating tend to be very touchy feely with their partners though it varies depending on the individual. Tactile affection is common as a couple begins to get a feeling for their boundaries.


Couples that have been together for a longer amount of time have a tendency to gem touch more frequently. Those that have been together for years may allow each other to touch their Third Eye Gem if strong trust has been established. If a relationship has persisted for more than two years, it is rare to see the individuals split up but it does happen.


For a relationship to persist in a healthy manner, the Draken involved must forge a mutual trust, as stated those that become particularly comfortable may allow their partner to touch their third eye gem often. Poking, prodding, grabbing or otherwise touching the third eye gem if not in a serious relationship is considered a rude and embarrassing gesture. The one committing the act may be labelled a creep.


For all levels of relationships, kissing is a common gesture but not seen as being as intimate as the gem touch.

gem touch.png

Gem Touching:

A Gem Touch is when two Draken tap their Third Eye Gems together, or when one Draken taps their Third Eye Gem to their partners forehead regardless of if they are a Nyulop or a Draken. This gesture brings the Draken’s center of mana closest to who they love, so a Gem Touch does not often happen when a Draken does not feel close to the person in question.


Gem touches can happen by accident, and the embarrassment goes about as far as an accidental kiss. However, to willingly bring a Third Eye Gem close to someone is a gesture of extreme affection and trust so a Draken will not do so unless they harbor serious feelings towards their partner.


A surprise Gem Touch can be awkward or even scary to someone who isn’t expecting it.

Relationship Terms

Gem Kiss: Alternate speech for “Gem Touch.

Gem Cuddle: A Gem Cuddle is when a Draken rubs the Third Eye Gem on their partner’s body, very rare to see in public because it is considered intimate.

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