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You pass through the wooden doors and are met with the chime of a bell.

"Welcome, welcome!" Dane says as he enters the front room. "How may I be of service today?" He pauses and waits patiently for you to answer. "Ah, I see. Well, I do offer a few services, so it really depends on if you're in need of medical care or are looking to adopt a child. Either way, I'm happy to do my absolute best to have you leaving here with a smile!"

Welcome to Dane's Medical Facility and Adoption Agency


Unlike many of the other storefronts in Whistler Crest, Dane's offers two separate features. Being both a medical professional, and an agency supervisor, this multitalented Nyulop seems to have one of the biggest hearts out there! 

He provides medical care to the residents of Whistler Crest as well as taking in and caring for guardianless children of the town. He will care for children until they are homed with new loving caregivers and able to start their lives in full. He will also open his doors to provide a safe place for wary travelers to rest.

So, what can Dr. Dane Heartstrings help you with today?


So what can I help you with?

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