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Community Works Projects


Community Works Projects, alternatively known as CWPs, is a feature that will see the implementation of new businesses, public sites and locations through the joint efforts of the Whistler Crest Council and the community.

Helmed by Honey, Typhoon and Tida, CWPs will help you customize the town and the world beyond. Projects that are successfully funded will be implemented. All of the successful features will appear in and around the town and be accessible to all members of the community. So, essentially, you're helping to expand and build the world around you!

CWPs will be accessible on the front page of the community,and you can check there to see what is currently underway.

What is a CWP?

CWP stands for Community Work Projects. CWPs are projects primarily headed and suggested by the community to improve Whistler Crest and re-connect it to the world around it. The CWP is officially headed by a team sponsored and  by approved by the Council, which is:


Tida for environmental/animal concerns; 
Typhoon for idea collection and organization;
Honey for paperwork and community relation;
Mae oversees the legality of a lot of the projects; 
Kavalan is the main "sponsor" being the only NPC on the council. She doesn't usually participate in any of the projects, just runs the final ideas through the mayors on behalf of the team to get them approved.

Detailing CWPs

Multiple CWPs can exist at once, and they are never time restricted. They exist indefinitely until they are completed, and from there they open up in-universe areas or functions for the entire community to enjoy. There is a wide variety of things that can be treated as CWPs.


This category includes new locations, like a weapons training dojo, a skate park, a school, or any sort of  physical business or location that can be accessible to characters. These buildings can be added to maps as new locations and can provide functions. 

Public Art
This category includes things like fountains, pools, parks and gardens. It would add these features to the maps and would allow characters to enjoy the sites and all that comes with them.

Public Site 
This category includes new forest, lake, mountain and so on locations! Essentially, they allow you to unlock new locations, including access to preexisting or known locations, making them accessible to the community.

A CWP needs a predetermined number of points to be completed, and an entry for it grants a certain amount of points based on the effort. Points can be accumulated collectively by the community, with the values as follows:

1) Flat colours and (at least) somewhat clean lines. [2 points]

2) Shaded art with a simple background. [3 points]

3) Shaded art with a complex background. [5 points]

A CWP can be contributed to by anyone and as many times as they like, but a single character can only contribute once. You may submit entries multiple times using different characters.

People can contribute by drawing their character contributing and/or offering their assistance according to the needs of the specific CWP. For freedom's sake, there are no specific set prompts, it just has to be something that, logically, WOULD assist in creating the thing the CWP is for. Like, for example, if the CWP was for a school your character could be shown collecting books, building desks, or building the physical schoolhouse.

Current CWPs





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