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Known Creature Details


Pronounced: Com-Fee-Kee

Pair: Duet | Group: Choir

Comfiki are mysterious little creatures created by the Grand Giver herself as a gift to Whistler’s Crest. After seeing the disarray and panic lingering in the townsfolk after the events of HH, she decided to bless them with a companion that could comfort them through trying times. As a result, Comfiki are…interesting to say the least when compared to other pets. Their fur is brightly colored and quite soft and Comfiki are almost squishy when held. Paired with their fixed expressions and stitch like markings, Comfiki resemble living plushies! Docile and incredibly affectionate nature, Comfiki are perfect to snuggle up with.


The orb on a Comfiki’s tail emits a soft light, and it’s warmth is especially popular with children, or anyone who has trouble getting a good nights rest. Comfiki tend to bond to one owner, but will do just fine around other individuals. They especially love to be around one of their own, and will sing and chirp to communicate with one another. Their tune changes with their mood and a good rule of thumb is the brighter and longer the tune, the happier your Comfiki is! It has been known to be good luck to bring Comfiki together on the last day of the Dark Year and let them sing together, as is said their tune is sweetest around this time. Choirs are led by the Comfiki with the happiest voice—known as the “cantor”—and will sing past midnight and into the new year. Owners offer take great pride in their Comfiki’s tune, and will compete to see who’s Comfiki will be the cantor each year. 


Comfiki are magical creatures, and produce offspring magically as well. Comfiki often court one another by singing out a special tune, and potential partners will harmonize with them (This is where the term “Duet” for a pair of Comfiki comes from!). Once bonded, a duet will find fabrics to use to sew together a new cloth heart, that they will then infuse with their own magic. Afterwards it’s the same process to create a new Comfiki. Breeders must be very careful to only adopt out cloth hearts to potential owners, as if they create a new Comfiki, it will bond to the breeder instead of their new owner. Furthermore, Comfiki Breeders have to go though a long process to breed Comfiki, as abandoned Comfiki are terribly difficult to re-socialize, so it is good practice to only breed a few Comfiki a year—customarily during Kindreux—to make sure each one goes to a loving home.


Comfiki thrive on a diet consisting of fruits, veggies, and insects. It is a good idea to offer a good variety of foods to your Comfiki, to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need. Comfiki given a well balanced diet will have shinier coats, brighter songs, and will be more active, so it doesn’t hurt to try new foods if your Comfiki isn’t taking well to a certain fruit or vegetable. Allowing your Comfiki to scavenge outside for bugs will also help to vary their diet, as well as promote healthy foraging habits.

How to Create a Comfiki

Comfiki are born from mana infused little cloth hearts. Once the future owner receives a cloth heart, they have to hold it close to their own and promise to care for and protect their Comfiki, as well as provide them a good home. The owner can also add any personal promises they’d like to make, such as always being a good friend to them, or always making sure to give them plenty of hugs. Many owners tend to skip around or do little dances while they say this for extra good luck. Once they’ve finished making their promises, Comfiki’s are born in a bright flash! Depending on the type of Comfiki you get, their hearts will be displayed differently somewhere on their fur. 

quilted heart.png
striped heart.png
plain heart.png

Plain Heart

Quilted Heart

Striped Heart

Comfiki Forms

Comfiki come in three different forms: Peppy, Cheeky, and Sleepy. It’s up to you which Comfiki you get!


Peppy Comfiki

Peppy Comfiki are created from a Plain Heart, and love to cheer you up! They always seem to know just how to brighten your day! Their heart marking sits right above their chest, and is known to smell as sweet as Heart’s Desire!


Cheeky Comfiki

Cheeky Comfiki are created from a Striped Heart, and always have the energy to explore! They are also known to be jokesters, and love to make you laugh! Their hearts sits over one eye, and is known to smell like citrus to help you stay energized!


Sleepy Comfiki

Sleepy Comfiki are created from a Quilted Heart, and are perfect buddies to wind down with! Their fluffy manes are pillowy soft, and they love snuggle. Their hearts sits right atop their forehead, and is known to smell like lavender for a good night’s sleep!

Designing Your Comfiki

Colors and Markings

You have two (2) options when it comes to coloring your Comfiki. The first option is to choose from one of the palettes below! You may only use one palette! No mixing and matching! You do not have to use every color from the palette you chose. 


PLEASE NOTE: The face mask as well as the orb on a Comfiki’s tail must remain the same color as the example pieces and cannot be changed!

Click image to enlarge palettes.

Comfiki Palette.png

Character Colors

The second option for coloring your Comfiki is picking colors from your character’s Palette! You are able to pick up to three (3) colors from your character excluding eye color or a draken’s third eye color

Babies with babies.png

Applying Traits

Once colors have been decided, it’s time to apply traits to your cuddly companion. Comfiki’s come in several rarities and the rarer the Comfiki, the more traits you will be able to add. You may choose to add any of the traits provided below.

Comfiki Rarity

Common Comfiki: One (1) trait | Uncommon Comfiki: Two (2) traits | Rare Comfiki: Three (3) traits

Click image to enlarge Traits.

Comfiki Type.png

MYO Comfiki can only be common but rarer Comfiki can be earned from events and raffles!

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