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Combining Your Companion Stone


The recent rediscovery of Companion Stones has lead to a considerable amount of research as a joint effort between Tobias and Oren to better understand the relationship between organic, inorganic and Spiritual energies.

Their investigation has lead them to find that embedding the stone within an object allows the organic holder (in this case, Draken and Nyulop) to commune directly with the Spirit housed within the stone. Simply put, the object — in most cases, a weapon — acts as a conduit through which the Companion Spirit may communicate with the wielder. 


Furthermore, it appears that different Companion Stones may provide different effects, acting as temporary boosts in combat or training. The effects provided by these stones vary depending on the type of stone.

Combining Your Stone

It is important to remember that you can't simply slap the Companion Stone on anything without proper help! Oren at his forge will assist all prospective wielders should you visit him and inquire about the service. 

Now, please consider the chart to your right.

What if my weapon doesn't have these areas?

Then it comes down to you deciding the safest place to embed the stone. You must consider where it is in the least danger of being struck.


What if my weapon is too thin/doesn't have space for the stone?

You may then have Oren create a charm-like piece that dangles your stone off your weapon. But please, please be extremely mindful of how much danger this puts your stone in!


The Basics

Do I need anything?
Yes, you will need a weapon. You can purchase this from Oren.

Do I need to pay Oren to combine my stone with my weapon?
No, Oren is happy to help so long as you're ready to work!

Where can my stone be placed on my weapon?

Oren will favor locations like the grip, guard (should your weapon have it) and the chappe or forte on sword-based weapons. Ideally, the stone should be placed in areas that are not likely to be struck when the weapon is used in combat. Depending on your weapon, you may need to think carefully about placement, as you want to ensure the safety of your stone as much as possible.

If I upgrade my weapon, or change it, is my stone stuck in my old one?
No, with Oren's help, you can move your stone from one weapon to another.


What do I need to do to make it official?
You will need to draw a polished image of your character either 1) combining the stone with the weapon; or 2) holding the finished product. This should include at minimum a bust/halfbody and a simple/abstract background according to
the EXP/Level Guide.


When can summoning occur?
Summoning most commonly occurs in battle. This is because the presence of adrenaline acts as a sort of autosummon, calling the Spirit out for assistance. However, they can also be summoned for council, if you focus on communing with them. There needs to be some sort of physical connection between yourself and the object the Companion Stone is embedded within.


How do you activate the stone?
Activation is more a conscious effort, in which you usually are in heated battle or training and bring them on as a response to the changes in hormones. You can, however, summon them more directly through focus, as mentioned above.


Is the strength of the weapon increased because of the stone?
No, your weapon is no stronger for having the Companion Stone, which is why you still need to be a skilled individual when wielding! You are as responsible for the stone's safety as your own.


Can stones be embedded in other objects? Clothing, armor, etc.?
Yes, they can, but currently Oren only works with weaponry. 


Can the appearance of the Spirit change?
It is believed that prolonged contact with Companion Spirits may have lasting effects on their physical appearance, but this is only recorded in ancient text which Tobias is still working to translate! 


Can I create a new Companion Stone?


Can stones shatter, if so, what happens?
Stones can shatter. It takes a great deal of physical force or powerful magic, but should it happen, you will lose your Companion Spirit...permanently. 

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