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Walking around and enjoying the scenery, you come across a booth with a gray, paint stained table and a gold and navy blue top.

"Well hello there!" Castro greets you, resting his elbows on the table and propping his chin on his paws. He gazes in your direction, his blind eyes not quite trained on your face. "I've decided to open up my own little shop here." He smiles, putting his paws on the table and pushing forward a cup of colored liquid. "I may be blind, but trust me to draw on you and you may be pleasantly surprised!"

Welcome to Castro's Ink Shop!

The colors that Castro has available:


Please color pick from the image above with the available colors. There are many shades within each choice of color, but the tattoo itself must be a solid color with no gradients. The tattoo can be more than one color, but the colors cannot touch and must be in different parts of the design.

Note: If you choose black or white, that means the color going on your character will be pure black or pure white. However, it must be at a low enough opacity that when color picked, it will not appear as pure black or pure white. These colors MUST be no more than 80% opacity.

Any other color is not required to be at full opacity. They must still be clearly visible, so don't make them too transparent.

Tattoos by Castro
10 Capella (or 1 Ringel)

Interested in getting a random tattoo?

Do you want a tattoo, but not sure which would fit you best? Let Castro choose for you! Just comment here saying you'd like a random tattoo, and what color you want it in, unless you'd like that to be chosen for you as well. Random tattoos are also cheaper. 

Cost: 5 Capella (½ off!)

Characters can get as many tattoos as they want, as long as they do not touch or overlap. Sleeve or half sleeve tattoos can be applied to either arm, or you can have one on one arm and a different one on the other arm. When drawing the tattoos on your character, they must be exact or as close as you can get to the designs provided.​​

Looking for a Custom Tattoo?

If the designs Castro comes up with in his free time don’t tickle your whiskers, you’re welcome to draw out and bring to him your own design for him to etch onto your body. He will happily tattoo even the most regrettable of designs onto you, from names to eclectic designs to objects and faces if one so truly desires, however he has standards, and the following things are not allowed for custom tattoos:

• Anything that mimics an existing upgrade which can be applied to the character 
• Anything exceptionally explicit in nature
• Depictions of anything which does not canonically exist in the universe or time period


Aside from that, all tattoos are subject to pre-approval before application so as to ensure that the custom tattoos don’t break any rules or push them too far.

To get a tattoo approved, we require a simple, unshaded, transparent background drawing of the tattoo and how it will appear on the body. You may do so by drawing a blank character OR by drawing it on the character it is hoping to be applied to and commenting it below. The more clear to see, the easier time we have approving it.

1. Small custom tattoos are 10 capella
2. Medium/sleeves are 20 capella
3. Anything more involved is 30 capella.

The ink Castro uses is selectively permanent, meaning it will stay in for as long as you want, but can be washed out if one really desires. In the case that you no longer desire the tattoo, you can simply wipe it away at any time with your Mana.

Only grown characters can get a tattoo! No babies allowed!

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