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Breeding Your Characters

On this page you will learn about how the mechanics of breeding works within
Whistler Crest and how you can use it to get a baby of your very own!

The Magic Behind Breeding

Passion Plants can be found to the north of Whistler Crest, past the outskirts and into the Morray Woods. They are fairly easy to spot, and are very plentiful as well. If not picked and fertilized within a few weeks of sprouting, they simply blossom as normal, growing into their own beautiful flower. A small quest must be taken to pick the Passion Plant and bring it home by the two partners who intend to partake in the ritual. No others may join in the ritual, and it also cannot be taken alone. Companions and Companion Stones may accompany the partners on this quest, in fact they are suggested, as you can get up to tier 3 injuries on this quest, and it's always a good idea to keep some protection with you when travelling outside of town!


The Passion Plant is then brought home and put into a safe place, where it will stay to undergo the breeding ritual. Most use a flowerpot of some sort to ensure its safety. To begin the ritual, the parents will need to sit or lay down next to the egg, making sure their magic organs (whiskers/third eye gem) are touching the egg. The soon-to-be-parents must then be touching each other, generally by holding hands, so that their shared Mana can kick start the Passion Plant into starting to grow into a proper egg. Holding hands while touching their magic organs to the plant ensures their Mana will both have an impact on the outcome of their baby. The plant will also not produce an egg without two different sources of Mana there to interact with it.

After being exposed to the parents' shared Mana, the egg will begin to properly grow. Over the span of about 24 hours, the egg inside the plant will begin to grow and show it's true colors, becoming more recognizable as a creature's offspring. By the time the 24 hours are over, the egg will be fully grown and ready to be removed from the plant. It will be clear at this point what species the baby inside the egg will be, as well as what element/subspecies it is, or if it will be a dual element Draken, and most importantly, if you will be having twins or not (in which case, 2 eggs will have sprouted from the plant!)!


Because of how intentional the entire ritual is, there is a very low chance of any accidental babies, meaning less orphaned children in the world. Things still happen, but for the most part, all children are planned out meticulously before hatching. Cheating is very discouraged in their culture because of how intimate and special the ceremony is. Going behind your partner's back to do something so inherently special and life changing is a quick way to give yourself a bad reputation in town.

However, there is a way that accidental babies can happen.

The Passion Plant ritual currently is the most culturally accepted and widely used method, as it guarantees a child. However, in old times, creating an egg was different.

When in a secluded, private place, a couple would cuddle close to each other, laying or sitting together in a position that has their magic organs touching together. The pair must be touching their bodies together (Holding hands, nuzzling each other, etc.), allowing their two Manas to mingle together. With a powerful rush of positive emotion, the two different Manas can combine, swirling together to create an egg. Although this process was used intentionally in previous times, it is possible to initiate the egg creation accidentally. But despite the ease, it does not mean accidental babies occur as often as the process is initiated. By using the Passion Plant as a vessel, the parents' two Manas are given a stable place to combine and kick start the Passion Plant’s growth of a proper egg. However, without this vessel, the combining of Manas is incredibly unstable. More often than not, the process fails, usually right after it begins. This means that, despite the ease of starting the process, it has an incredibly low chance of actually creating an egg.

The Old World process, once widely used and accepted, has significantly fallen out of use in favor of the much more stable Passion Plant ritual. It is now seen as culturally taboo and is generally frowned upon as the “old ways” of breeding.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

First and foremost, it is very clear that the creatures of this world do not usually reproduce like we do! Because of magic being the main part of breeding in Whistler Crest, gender and species do not matter when making a baby. The only things that are necessary are two different sources of mana. However, this means if a Nyulop is missing more than 3 of their whiskers, or if a Draken’s third-eye gem is damaged, they will no longer be able to breed.

If either parent is Cursed or Blessed their child will not inherit it. If a character has a “unique” trait brought on by Spiritual Energy that can also not be inherited by their children. Notably, the offspring that were the result of helping Twiggy in December 2018. If a character is a unique type, such as Anniversary characters, or the Flying Diamonds, the unique traits of these types will not be passed down to their children.

Breeding two Nyulop subspecies together does not guarantee a subspecies baby, just as breeding two dual element Draken does not guarantee a dual element baby. A subspecies/subspecies pair does raise the chances of a subspecies offspring quite a bit however, while a dual/dual pair has the same chances as a standard/standard pair to have a dual element offspring.

Lastly, breeding via the Old World method does always guarantee an egg in the group’s mechanics, much like Passion Plant breeding. This is so everything remains fair. However, do keep in mind that in canon, it was an incredibly low chance for this to occur.

Requirements For Breeding

Requirements for Breedin
  1. Two characters which have approved adult applications. These characters can belong to the same user, or belong to different users. 

  2. A reference for both breeding partners will be needed, which include a list of their upgrades and their general appearance. 

  3. Fill out the necessary form to begin the egg roll for your future baby!

    (If you wish to boost your breeding odds, there are rules you need to follow, so click
    here to 
    go to that section!)


Old World Breeding Requirements

Old Wor Requirement

If breeding via the Old World breeding method, the requirements are different than breeding via the Passion Plant ritual. Where the Passion Plant ritual does not require any art, to end up with an accidental, or Old World, baby, you must draw three (3) fully polished images (shaded fullbody with a detailed background) following the prompts below.

  1. Show the couple interacting, establish the relationship! Is it an established couple? A fling? Show how the two characters feel about each other and write a 250-word minimum short story beneath the picture to tell us!

  2. Show the pair settling down, getting close, exchanging mana, and summoning the magic that creates the egg. Is it an unintentional, spur of the moment emotions that causes this, or content happy/joyous emotions of an established pair being together?

  3. What’s their reaction to the egg that they just created? Is their reaction surprise? Delight? Or maybe even negative emotions such as dread? Draw a picture that shows the reactions from the new parents, and accompany it with a 250 word or more short story.

How Do I Get My Egg?

How To Get Egg

Everyone is entitled to one (1) free breeding slot! You must get permission from the other artist before breeding two characters if one of the characters does not belong to you! You will immediately get a strike if you attempt to breed a character that is not yours without the other artist's consent or harass/bully another member into agreeing to a breeding they do not want.

Comment With This Form Filled Out:


Parent 1: [reference for character, must include a list of upgrades]
Link to Parent 1’s baby approval

Link to Parent 1’s adult approval

Parent 2: [reference for character, must
 include a list of upgrades]

Link to Parent 2’s baby approval

Link to Parent 2’s adult approval

Username(s) of the owner(s) of both parents:

Proof of ownership of Passion Plant/Swaddling Cloth : [Only required if this is not your free breeding slot. If not already in the bank, fill out this part. If you know it is in the bank already, you may delete/ignore this part.]


Username of member who will be using their breeding slot/character slot:


Breeding items (if used):


Prompts (if using the Old World method or boosting chances):

Now you can go ahead and comment on the journal linked below and submit the comment to the #breeding-approval-forms channel! Please be patient for a member of staff to get to your comment! You may draw and get your baby approved as soon as you get a reply to your message on Discord with their element/alignment and species, and additional information. The week to hatch bit is only for the canon lore, and you can draw the egg hatched as soon as your form is replied to by a mod.

Keep in mind that there is a one (1) month cool down between opportunities for a character to embark on another egg quest (get another baby rolled)! You can buy more items to get more breeding slots in the Cash Shop.

Boosting Odds

Boosting Breeding Odds

What if you would like to boost your chances during rolling? Well, there are a variety of ways you can do this! The first option is art. By drawing up to three (3) fully polished images (shaded fullbodies with detailed backgrounds) of the couple you would like to breed, you have a chance to receive a random boost to your breeding roll!

You choose how many images you draw, up to three (3) at max. For every image drawn, it provides a boost to one randomly rolled breeding roll. The rolls that can be boosted with art are:

  • Number of inherited upgrades

  • Twins

  • Breeding Upgrade chance

Below is a list of prompts you can follow. For the first two images, you may choose any of these prompts. You can even create your own as long as the images meet the quality requirements.

  • Draw a full picture of the pair you plan to breed being in a relationship, being lovey-dovey, discussing having a baby, etc. Anything to show the two of them together!

  • Draw a full picture of the pair going out on the quest for the plant, digging up the plant, bringing the plant home, etc.

  • Draw a full picture of the pair laying with the Passion Plant or, if breeding via the old school way, laying together. If drawing all three images for either style of breeding, this prompt is always required to be the third image.

Another way chances can be boosted during rolling is through items. There are four (4) items that can provide boosts during breeding. 

  • The Twisted Treat increases the number of inheritable upgrades received from parents. 

  • The Bogo Cherry increases the odds of twins. 

  • The Passion’s Chocolate Bloom increases the odds of receiving a breeding upgrade.

  • The Guaran Tea Fruit guarantees that a breeding upgrade will be received.

All of these items and their rules and details can be found in the Cash Shop. It is also possible to win these items through raffles, prizes, or other means.

You can also combine boosting via art and boosting via items! The effects of the combinations are:

  • 1-2 Prompts + Twisted Treat equals a chance at an additional upgrade being added on top of the one added from the Twisted Treat. 

  • 3 Prompts + Twisted Treat equals a guaranteed two (2) extra traits, one from the Twisted Treat and one from the art boost.

  • 1-2 Prompts + Bogo Cherry equals a +1 number chance for twins.*
    3 Prompts + Bogo Cherry earns +2 numbers chance for twins.* 

  • 1-3 Prompts + Passion's Chocolate Bloom equals one (1) extra reroll for  Breeding Upgrade access per prompt drawn, for a maximum of three (3) rerolls.

*All numbers for drawing twins are set and do not change. The Bogo Cherry + prompts simply determine how many numbers are added in that are not present in standard rolls

Also, please note, only two Cash Shop booster items can be used per breeding. Bogo cherry may only be used once per breeding overall.

Inheriting Upgrades

Inheriting Upgrades

Before you start colouring your new baby, you'll need to decide what upgrades they will inherit! You will be allowed to choose what upgrades the baby will get, as long as you follow the guidelines.

After posting your comment to the breeding journal, a member of staff will roll a number for the amount of upgrades your baby will inherit. You will then be told how many upgrades you may choose from each parent. The chances for upgrades range from only 1 upgrade from 1 parent, to 5 upgrades from each parent! You will then be allowed to choose up to two (2) rare upgrades from either one (1) parent or one (1) from each parent. Uninheritable upgrades are listed at the bottom of this page! You do not need to apply all, or any, upgrades that the staff member rolls for you.

Any upgrade with a prerequisite will be downgraded to the starter upgrade if you choose to apply it to your baby. Examples of this rule:

  1. If one of your parent characters has the Full/Medium Traditional Wings, your baby would be applicable to apply the Baby Wings only. 

  2. If one of your parent characters has the Wintry Cervidae Antlers/Adolescent Cervidae Antlers, the baby would be applicable for Starter/Draken Horns only.

Normally, Draken babies cannot get any upgrade from a Nyulop parent, and vice versa, unless the upgrade is universal. Examples of universal upgrades include Spots/Starter Spots, Banded, Tuft/Head Fluff, Baby Wings/Sprite Wings, Cherub Ears/Flop Ears, ect. (If you have a question if an upgrade is universal or not, don't be afraid to ask!)

Characters that have used a Rainbow's Delight Potion to give them an upgrade of another species can only pass that specific upgrade down if the baby is of the species the upgrade was originally intended for.

However, using a Rainbow's Delight during breeding will allow you to apply one upgrade that is normally species locked! (Note: the upgrade you choose to Rainbow's Delight onto your baby still must exist on one of the parents. This is only viable for two different species breeding together.) You may also apply the Draken Arms upgrade to a baby Nyulop with a Draken parent or the Nyulop Ears upgrade to a baby Draken with a Nyulop parent with this method, whether the upgrade exists on the parent or not.

All element/alignment exclusives must follow the same rules, no exceptions! In the same vein, Nyulop Subspecies specific upgrades will also still need to follow the same application rules with which subspecies can apply what upgrades.

How To Design Your New Baby

Design Baby

When designing your character, you must first abide by standard MYO rules. If your baby inherited marking upgrades (e.g. stripes, spots, etc.), they do not have to follow the 40% rule, but the individual upgrade rules, instead.

After deciding what upgrades they will inherit, you will want to choose your baby's main body colors. For this, you have 2 options, depending on the species that your baby is.

For Nyulop, the first option is that they can take colors from both parents’ colors on their bodies (no color-picking from eyes/whiskers/inner ears/paw pads/mouth/third eye gem/any upgrades that specify not being allowed to color grab from them), even if one is a Draken. The only exception to this is if the baby is a lucky Nyulop and the parent an unlucky, they will not be able to inherit their colors, assuming the parents' colors are unaltered from the unlucky palette. The second option is that they can pick from their alignment’s standard MYO palette.

For Draken, the first option is that they can color pick from their Draken and the second is that they can pick from their element’s standard MYO palette. They may not color-pick from a non-Draken parent.

Whether you have a Draken or a Nyulop, you cannot color pick from any of the parents' Washes or Tattoos if they have them.

Nyulop inner ear/whisker/paw pad color and Draken mouth color do not have to match the parents'. They follow the standard rules for picking these colors in MYOs.

Lastly, you will choose their eye color! You may pick any eye color you would like for your baby, following the standard MYO rules of no pure black and no pure white.


• Onion Ears

• Colored Sclera 

• Spots

• Contour

• Tunneler's Claws

• Smooth Mouth

• Mountain Spikes

• Mythic Scales (Rainbow's Delight)



• Pog Collector's Gauged Ears

• Starter Stripes

• Tiny Claws

• Back Claws

• Long Feathered Tail

• Puffy Belly

• Tuft

• Thumbs

• Inner Ear Fluff

• Slit Pupils


•Tuft (from Nyulop Parent)

• Long Feathered Tail (from Nyulop Parent)

• Slit Pupils (from Nyulop Parent)

• Contour (from Draken Parent)

• Colored Sclera (from Draken Parent)
 Mythic Scales (from Draken Parent)

Exceptions When Choosing Upgrades 

Upgrades that are unable to be passed down or applied to your baby

when designing them are as follows:


  • Facial hair

  • Full Flowing Hair/Great Hare Day (can be passed down as Head Fluff/Tuft)

  • Unlimited clothing/Accessory

  • Reynard's mark

  • Chaos markings

  • Any upgrade from the "Other" page (radiants, blessings, pog, ect)

  • Add a color, Color mixup, Unlimited colors, Pelt Modifier, Marking (Re)Mover, Marking Color Changer

  • Any upgrades achieved by learning a specific magical skill

  • Tattoos

  • Washes

  • Any upgrades affecting the iris colors except gradient eyes. Instead you may choose one color from the parent's multiple iris colors to be the color for the baby's eyes, which must be a single, solid color. Gradient eyes may be applied as normal.

  • Any upgrade over lv 25

Breeding Upgrades

Breeding Upgrades

When breeding two characters, there is a chance for the resulting baby to be born with very special upgrades: breeding upgrades! These are upgrades that can only be received through breeding and every egg rolled has a chance to have these upgrades rolled. If your bred baby has a breeding upgrade rolled, you will be allowed to choose one (1) upgrade from the list below to apply in addition to the upgrades already rolled. Breeding upgrades do not take up one of the inherited rarity upgrade slots nor one of the inherited standard upgrade slots, but instead are their own separate option.

If you breed a character who has a breeding upgrade, the chances for a breeding upgrade to be rolled on their baby will be increased.

Here are the available breeding upgrades!

All Nyulop upgrades are applicable to all types of Nyulop and all Draken
upgrades are applicable to all elements of Draken. Upgrades follow the
standard upgrade application rules.


Name: Boom Ears
Release: April 1st, 2020
Type: Breeding
• Roll a choice of a breeding upgrade during breeding.
Description: Your ears have such a bright pop of color!
Application: The inner ear may be any color except pure black and pure white. The three different sections must be distinctly unique in color.


Name: Elemental Orbs
Release: April 1st, 2020
Type: Breeding
• Roll a choice of a breeding upgrade during breeding.
Description: So much power in those orbs...
Application: Your Draken's tail becomes long and thin and has two translucent orbs at the end. The orbs may be any color except pure black or pure white. Your choice of element is what element your draken is and examples can be seen by clicking on the upgrade image.


Name: Delightful Diamonds
Release: April 1st, 2020
Type: Breeding
Roll a choice of a breeding upgrade during breeding.
Description: Your horns are priceless!
Application: Your Draken has small diamond-shaped gems on the base of their horns. The gems can be any color except pure black or pure white and must remain the shape and size that they are in the example image. The color of the gems cannot be mixed. Gems can be grown up with any adult horn upgrades but must remain at the base of the horns and can only reach to the halfway point on any grown horns.

Name: Frooty Tooty Ears
Release: April 1st, 2020

Type: Breeding


• Roll a choice of a breeding upgrade during breeding.
Description: What cute little ears you have...
Application: Change the insides of your Nyulops ears to the inside of any kind of fruit! The examples you see above are just a small bit of what you can apply. They can either be in-universe fruits, or real world fruits! Both ears must match though.



Name: Twilight Tail
Release: April 1st, 2020
Type: Breeding
Roll a choice of a breeding upgrade during breeding.
Description: The glow of the moon has touched you...
Application: Your Nyulop's tail becomes slender and two pronged, as shown above. The bands on the tail must sit in the middle of the two tail tips, as the example shows, and can be any color except pure black or pure white. The glow of the tail can be controlled.


Name: Prisma Scales
Release: April 1st, 2020
Type: Breeding
• Roll a choice of a breeding upgrade during breeding.

Description: Such beautiful scales!
Application: Your Nyulop now has patches of shining rainbow scales! The scales are basic rounded shapes but can be stylized to look sharper, as long as they still appear as scales. The patches may be placed anywhere you choose. You have a choice between three types of scales, viewed by clicking Here and Here!

Submitting your Baby

Once you've designed your new baby, all that's left is to place their image on either of these templates for their species and submit them for approval.

Be sure to include the following information in your entry's description!

• Name:
• Species: 
• Gender:
• Creation: Bred

A link to your breeding comment.

Once uploaded you can submit the application to the appropriate species approval channel!


A note...

If you are gifting your baby/one of your babies to another member, the person who submitted the breeding application and is using their breeding slot must get the baby (or babies) approved first, and then gift the bred baby to the other member. The other member must have an open MYO slot and submit the baby as a gifted character. Click here for info on gifting characters.

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