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Known Creature Details



Pronounced: Blue-Purr

Plural: Bloopers 

Once every 3 years, The Lorge Blooper wakes up from his nap. Hungry and looking for offerings, he takes flight. With him awake, the smaller ones are sure to follow, also looking for food and a new place to sleep after they get their fill. 
Often called Unwanted Fairies, Bloopers are tiny dragon-like creatures that are always aloof and unaware of danger. They know no fear and only live for themselves. Standing at half the size of a Drakensprite, Bloopers are obtainable by leaving milk, honey/nectar and sugar that is mixed up on a windowsill at night.  If they like your home and the offerings, they will make your home their new den.



Their behavior is based heavily off of the Fae (Real life). Once you let them into your home, they can and will cause issues unless you please them. Due to this, catching a Blooper and gifting it to someone can either be see as a sweet gesture (due to being seen as a good luck charm in the past), or a terrible prank (because of how utterly bratty they can be).



Bloopers have 4 different bases with accents depending on the year. Each year, possible colors, traits and color patterns tend to appear. Every time they appear, the possible glow spots change. One year it maybe cheeks or tail, next its the toes or ears. Its completely random, and a signifying trait of what year they appeared in!

                                 BLOOPER YEAR LIST

  • 2021: Colors found here!


How Big are Bloopers?


Bloopers are very tiny, as shown here! 

(It makes them perfect troublemaking size.)


Bloopers are made through wishing on a certain comet that will pass over the town during Starsail that oftentimes get mistaken as a shooting star. So there tends to be no shortage of these guys during the migration!


Bloopers live off sugar, so they are often found in flowers with plenty of nectar or feeding off of offerings during the migration when they wake. The sweeter and tastier the food tends to be, the more Bloopers will congregate!

Blooper Containment

Bloopers are able to be caught in special bells. One would use a bell that has been enchanted to hold a Blooper. You can tell they are enchanted and will work cause the inside will have a faint glow. No glow means it won’t work.

A Blooper trapped in a bell will hibernate and sleep until the bell is rung with the intention of waking them. The Blooper is in the same state it was when it was woken up- if not a tad more sleepy and hungry but nothing too bad.  If a bell is broken that contains a Blooper, they are released unharmed. You can tell a bell is holding something when the Blooper engravings on the side are glowing. Be careful with the bells you do have, however! The specialty containers are very rare, and not in production anymore. Any that are around still are considered antiques, and very rare.


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