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Anatomy of Blessed Children

There are some unique features found on Blessed children which differs from standard Draken and Nyulop. Please ensure you include all of these differences in your child! They are important features which are the result of the unique mana and ritual in which they were created.


A unique ring seems to appear around the edges of their iris! This ring is a lighter version of their main eye colour. It should only be a lighter version of their main eye colour. The ring encircles the entire iris and should appear like the example above. You may choose any colour you would like for your newfound baby's eyes, but they must abide by preexisting rules, which means no pure white or pure black and pupils are not to be coloured.


It would appear that being winter children has made them a little fluffier! Draken seem to have sprouted some cheek fluff! Be sure to remember these! It's important that your little Blessed baby is able to keep nice and warm during these cold months!

Paws and Claws

t seems their paws and claws have also taken on a unique appearance! it appears Draken have tiny thumb claws now, and a single paw pad!  These claws should NOT appear a different colour. They should blend seamlessly into the colour of the paws themselves.



Draken tails are about twice the length they would normally be! How interesting! Be sure that your tail matches the length/shape shown!


Unlike standard Draken and Nyulop, these Blessed children appear to have mouths that do not prominently feature fangs! How peculiar!


Your Flora

Remember to include your chosen plant in the correct areas! Draken plants replace their standard horns! You can choose to either do a branch with flowers and buds OR just have the flowers sitting in place of their horns. Both horns MUST match! They must match the appearance and palette of your respective plant.

Your Chosen Flora

The first errand for the Grand Giver had you hunting down and retrieving a plant known to either grow in the winter or survive colder climates. This was not just an arbitrary quest! In fact, this was a key ingredient necessary for the Grand Giver's ritual. You see, mana found within the Town Tree needed to be purified by imbuing it within another organic greenery, and as your choice was used, it has passed some of its uniqueness onto your Blessed child! 

With consideration for your flora, please refer to the images linked bellow so you know what colour(s) may be used when designing the plant on your Blessed Child!

Your Palette Choices

All Blessed children will feature a unique palette that is different from the Standard alignment and elemental palettes you have grown accustomed to. Please remember to refer to these palettes when choosing colours for your Blessed child. Despite being Blessed, your newfound Draken/Nyulop will retains their Elemental and Alignments respectively. Be sure to still match the corresponding palette to their alignment. If these palettes are not used your child will be rejected. Click for better quality.


And now... WE GROW!

So you've reached level 5 and are ready to grow into a teenager!

Blessed Draken and Nyulop abide by many of the same rules for growing up as their standard counterparts. Make sure you review the grow up guides for Draken and Nyulop as they will provide a more in depth explanation for the rules and requirements.

With that taken into consideration, there are still a few areas which are unique to Blessed Babies, and which need to be considered when moving forward with a grow up. This guide will detail all that necessary information for you. Please ensure you read carefully. Should you have any questions don't hesitate to PM the group or contact us on Discord.

Anatomy of Blessed Teens

Remember that your Blessed Baby has unique anatomy which differs from their Standard counterparts.

For Draken:

• They are fluffier than normal Draken. This means fluffiness can be shown on their limbs and a bit on their tails. It is also important to remember their cheek fluff!

• They have flora in place of their horns. This means the flora may grow out a bit to compensate their new stature. They should not be longer than what is shown in the example image above.

• Their Third Eye Gem should have its color selected from the corresponding palette. This should be taken from the Blessed Elemental Palette and not the Standard Elemental Palette. The Third Eye Gem should be a color that isn't already used on your Draken, and this color cannot be used again after it is chosen, so pick wisely!

Standard Horn upgrades are inaccessible to Blessed Draken. 


Rules for Growing Up

Blessed babies must abide by all rules and guidelines set out for growing up Standard Draken and Nyulop.

Please ensure you review the requirements for applications.

They grow up using the same template and by commenting in the same Discord channels.

Remember to include this

in your description

► Name:
► Age: (Remember, they should be teenagers by this point, so their age should be between 13 and 17.)
► Level:
► Element:


EXP Tracker:

Any additional information you would like to include is optional. If you want to include their baby approval image, most up to date baby picture, or things like their sexuality, height, weight, etc. that's more than acceptable! Have fun with it so long as you include the necessary information above.

Make sure you put your application together using the above template!
Then you just need to submit it to the Adult Draken Approval Channel in Discord. 
Please be sure to read the rules listed there before submitting. Better safe than sorry!
In order to submit the password, just put it in the description of your grow up app!

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