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Come meet the BAR NPCs

What is a BAR?

BAR stands for "Build A Relationship." These special NPCs are more interactive than the standard NPCs, with ever growing dialogues and the potential to develop a relationship with your characters on a personal level.


How do I interact with a BAR?

Shown below is the list of currently available BARs. You can follow their respective links to initiate a dialogue with them. The more you interact with them, the greater your bond will be, and you will be able to earn a variety of goodies as well! 

What do I get for interacting with a BAR?

Each BAR will offer their own reward chain, which means the more you interact with them, the more rewards you unlock. These range from upgrades, to items, to Capella! You will also have the opportunity to develop a relationship in-canon with these characters, doing so however you please, and offering you a unique opportunity to directly effect the way an NPC perceives you.

Additionally, each BAR offers a very exclusive, one-time earnable reward, which is account locked. While all other rewards can be earned multiple times using more than one character, this exclusive reward can only be earned once!

How do I track my progression?

You track progression with each BAR on a character-to-character basis. This means you may have multiple characters interacting with the same BAR at the same time, but each character could differ on how far along they are with the BAR. You may also have multiple characters interacting with different BAR at the same time! What you need to do is keep track of all of your BAR-related art submissions and the reward chain each BAR offers. The further along on the chain you are, the more art you should have, and the more rewards you'll have access to. 

The more you progress with a BAR the better your rapport will be with them. Meaning you will steadily move from acquaintance, to familiar, to friendship. And, in the case of some BARs, you can potentially backtrack too! Each will specify if this is plausible. But remember, it is important to be honest about your progression, cheating on this is not permitted!

Be sure to submit all your BAR related submissions to the "BAR interactions" folder. This way staff can easily see your progression.

Available BARs will have images, a reward list and a link to start interactions. 

BARs who are not yet available have greyed out sections. They will be updated with all the necessary details once available. 

Feel free to review their rewards to see what each BAR has to offer!

Rules for BAR submission:

• No time requirements/restraints

• Submission should have shading

• Submission should showcase environment with a basic background

• Submissions need to feature the BAR

• Submissions need to include the character within whom the BAR is interacting

•Absolutely NOTHING inappropriate!


BARs will start with one (1) interaction each. The more they are interacted with by members of the community, the more interactions will become available.

Additionally, as more interactions with available BARs are submitted to the group, new BARs will arrive!

Ready to start?



Fire Draken
Whistler Crest Outskirts
An eager Draken who's enthusiastic about rocks.



Ice Draken
Whistler Crest
A mysterious, lost Draken who has lost their memory.



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