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Seeking the Cloud Guardian 
A pilgrimage for those who seek to connect to the sky...

Atmos 01.png

The Cloud Guardian Spirit 

Atmos, also known as 'Cloudy', is a fairly new Guardian Spirit. They're usually calm and easy to approach, which is not very characteristic of Guardian Spirits. While not outwardly hostile, Atmos is wary around adult Finley but is willing to give them a chance.

They almost have a nurturing, almost parental attitude towards children. When they want to intimidate, Atmos will extend their neck out to look down on the Finley to keep them in check. Its not uncommon to see children climbing on Atmos, their soft puffy fur acts a great cushioned surface for children to play on.

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Atmos is currently located in Whistler Crest.

At this time they are resting.

The Council has decided they will move forward with refurbishing and restoring an old and largely rundown shrine for Atmos to bind to. They hope in doing so the community can assist Atmos in a speedy recovery after such a long and stressful journey. All offers are welcome at this time, but Atmos is not currently offering Blessings.

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