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Atlas Shop.png

The Trading Post operator approaches you with a greeting!

"Welcome, welcome," a cheery voice says to you, "my name is Atlas and this is my Trading Post!" A small insistent peep escapes the beak of the csirkatrice chickling seated on the cloaked figure's shoulder. "Oh, and this is George! He's my trusted partner. He helps me look after the shop." Atlas raises a paw and waves it around, gesturing to all the fancy goods lining his well dusted shelves. "Please, please, have a look around!"

Welcome to the Trading Post!


Ruby Wash

Cost: 5 Capella 


Golden Wash

Cost: 10 Capella 


Sapphire Wash

Cost: 5 Capella


Pearl Wash

Cost: 10 Capella

Emerald Wash

Cost: 5 Capella


Amethyst Wash

Cost: 5 Capella


Hematite Wash

Cost: 10 Capella


George is watching so don't bother trying to steal! He can and will catch you. And you really, really don't want that.

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