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Amelio Phenomena

What is an Amelio Phenomena?

Amelio Phenomena is the term which refers to the sudden and unexpected changes of one's body (referring, of course, to upgrades!). It is believed that Amelio Phenomena (shortened to AP) comes about when you achieve something and your body changes to better reflect your growing uniqueness! 

AP come in a variety of shapes and forms, and as you grow and experience more in the world, you will change physically as much as your will mentally. Some AP occur naturally as a result of experiences, but others are earned. These rare AP are considered "Blessings" are are bestowed on individuals whom do or achieve greatness in some way.

Do we know any Amelio Phenomena Experts?

Yes, you do! Whistler Crest's own Kavalan is a certified expert on the study of APs. She's also a teacher, and will help you learn to better understand the changes your body is experiencing and where they stem from. She's always happy to help, so don't hesitate to seek her out if you're struggling with your newfound APs! She's currently residing in the Museum.

Are Amelio Phenomena Permanent?

Nope! At any time your body can change to reflect a new state of being. This means that once held AP can disappear and be replaced with newer ones. Your body is constantly changing as you experience the world around you.

Can Old Amelio Phenomena Return?

Absolutely! While this process is still a mystery, once you've experienced an AP you may apply and remove it whenever you'd like. However, should you remove and then reapply an AP, it will need to be the same as it was prior to being removed. This means you can't remove an AP and then later reapply it differently.

What are "Blessings"?

These are a rare type of Amelio Phenomena that come as a direct result of some sort of action. You can most commonly achieve these by undertaking a Pilgrimage for a Guardian Spirit.

The types of AP (Upgrades)


Blue AP (Upgrades)

These are alternatively known as standard upgrades as they are always accessible. They only ever have drawing/prompt or level requirements for application. 


Gold AP (Upgrades)

These are alternatively known as exclusive upgrades and are only accessible at certain times of the year or under certain circumstances. You will commonly find seasonal or event exclusive upgrades on this swatch. 


Red AP (Upgrades)

These are alternatively known as early bird exclusive upgrades. These swatches are only ever used for upgrades that were awarded to members who pre-registered to join our community.


Radiant AP (Upgrades)

These are alternatively known as "RAPs," which quite literally stands for Radiant Amelio Phenomena. These upgrades are only accessible as gifts. Members of our staff team will often give these away as rewards for events/plots.


Bubblegum AP (Upgrades)

These are alternatively known as breeding exclusive upgrades. These are upgrades that are only accessible to bred characters and can be acquired by breeding two characters to produce a child or children. You can find them here!

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