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This is the page for Anniversary Draken!

See below for more details on how to make this special kind of Draken for yourself!

Anatomy of Anniversary Children

Anniversary babies are unique variants of your standard Draken and Nyulop. Unlike their common counterparts, there are some unique features found on these babies that set them apart.

One big feature is that Anniversary Draken have paws! On both their hands and feet, these dragonic creatures have prominent little paws similar to those found on Nyulop. These paws are not found on any other known Draken.
(As Anniversary Draken naturally have paws, they do not require a use of a Rainbow's Delight to apply paw related upgrades, such as claws or Paw Pad Colour Changer. The upgrades' requirements must still be met, however.)

These paw beans may be any colour on the Draken palette OR a colour of your choice (excluding those found on other elemental palettes, or pure black/pure white). You may mix and match colours so long as 1) each individual "bean" is a singular colour; and 2) you use a maximum of two (2) colours. You may choose to colour individual beans in a pattern, or make one paw one whole colour and the other wholly the second colour. Their foot beans must match their hand beans. 

Your Palette Choices

(Click image for downloadable version.)

When designing your Anniversary baby you may choose to use the Standard palette or the extended limited edition palette. When determining colours for the characters you must still abide by standard colour rules, meaning you may not use pure white or pure black in their designs.

When creating your anniversary baby, you may use the standard palettes OR you can use these special palettes made just for these babies! 

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