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Adoption & Donation

Adoption in Whistler Crest is the process by which you acquire the rights to a character via one of the methods listed below. You currently have limitless slots for adopted characters, meaning you do not need to have an available slot to obtain an adopted character, as they do not occupy your limited MYO slots. Once adopt, the character must have an application processed like you would a MYO character. They have their own unique template, detailed below, which they must be submitted on. Submission occurs through the same channel as MYOs. It is important to familiarize yourself with those guidelines!

Types of Adopts

Free Raffle — These raffles require absolutely nothing to enter and are able to be entered by anyone!

DTA Raffle — These raffles are draw to adopt which means you must draw a picture of the character you're attempting to adopt. All of these entries must be put in this folder. Anyone may enter!

Cash Raffle — These raffles have a set price (normally $10.00 USD-$15.00 USD) and only the winner is required to pay! It is not pay to enter. You simply comment and if you win you will be contacted by a mod. Anyone may enter!


Dual/Leporid/Dwarf: 4 months from adoption date.
Free: 3 months from adoption date. 
DTA/Cash: 2 months from adoption date.

Dual, Leporid and Dwarf adopts, regardless of type, initiates a 4 month cool-down.


Can I enter more than one raffle at a time?
Yes, you can! But you will only win one (1) at any given time!


How often can I win?
You may win multiple times, but there are cool-down periods, during which you may not enter another raffle.


How long is a "cool-down" period?
Specifics on cool-downs are listed above.  


Does winning an adoption take up one of your MYO slots?
No, they do not! They count as "adopted," of which there is currently no limit on.


How do I get my adopted baby included in the approved gallery(ies)?
You still submit them the same way. Draken to the Draken Approval Journal and Nyulop to the Nyulop Approval Journal. They must be submitted on one of the two templates shown below instead of the standard ones.





If I win a cash adopt, how do I pay?
You pay via PayPal. A member of staff will contact you with the necessary details following the announcement of your win!

How will I know if I've won?
You will be messaged and/or pinged by a member of staff, as well as having a private message sent to you detailing your win, your cool-down period, and containing a high resolution transparent image of your character.


Do I still have to draw my own application image for my adopt's application?
Yes! You must still draw your own application image. You may include the original art, if you would like, but this is not a requirement.


About Adopted Babies

What's so special about adoptable babies?
Well, I'm glad you asked! Adoptable babies are special Draken and Nyulop that can come with a variety of standard and rare based upgrades. They can have standard upgrades with 0 exp, they can have adult upgrades which are normally inaccessible to babies, and they can even have rare limited edition and possibly even retired upgrades! Some of them may also come with unique palettes and markings that would normally be inaccessible (such as Unlucky Nyulop with light palettes and Lucky Nyulop with dark palettes).


Do adopted babies start at level 0 like standard MYOs?
Yes, they do! And they must abide by the same leveling system!


Can I remove/add upgrades to my adopted baby as they grow?
Yes, of course! They're your character and you are more than welcome to do with them as you please! (So long as you love them dearly, of course!) They must be approved with all the upgrades they were adopted with, though.


Where can I find adoptable babies?
They will always be in this folder. Feel free to check and see which are currently up for adoption!


Where does the money go for the cash adopts?
It goes towards paying the artists and helping with the group.

Donating Characters

How do I donate a character?
You need 
to comment here with their application image and the most recent picture of them in your gallery.

How do I know if the donation was successful?
There's no confirmation necessary. Once you've placed your character up for donation you have freed the character slot and may once again use it.


How often may I donate a character?
You may not donate a character more than once every three (3) months. We don't want to abuse the system.

Why is my comment highlighted?
It simply means a mod/admin has looked at your character and approved it for redesign.


What happens to my character once it's donated?
Your character will be modified and then re-homed. This can occur through raffles, giveaways or auctions.

I changed my mind and would like to take my character back, is that possible?
If your original comment has not yet been highlighted by a member of staff, which means it has not yet started to undergo the redesign process, then yes. If the comment is highlighted the character may no longer retrievable, you should comment inquiring.

Gifting Characters

Gifting Charactes

Can I gift one of my characters to another member?
Yes, you may do this, but there are some things to consider first.


What is needed for this to be possible?
The member you are sending the character must have a free slot that corresponds with the species you are sending. So they need to have a free Nyulop slot if you're gifting a Nyulop, and a free Draken slot if you're gifting a Draken.


Is there a limit to how often I can send/receive characters?
Yes! You can only gift a character (either receiving or sending) once every six (6) months. This way the system isn't abused. This six month period accounts for both, so if you gift a character you must then wait six months to receive a character.


Can I swap characters with a user?
Absolutely! If you swap characters around then the six month wait still applies, but you can do a full transfer/trade. If you do trade characters you must draw a picture, shaded and with at least a simple background, showcasing your newly received character.


If I gift my character, does the new owner get all the items/EXP associated with that character?
No, they would reset and start at level 0. All items earned through that character, like from events, remain with the original owner.


If the character I'm gifting is registered to a Questing Team or a room in housing, does that remain when they go to their new owner?
The character retains their former connections with their Questing Team and housing, and it is up to you as the new owner to determine whether or not you want to change things.


If I'm quitting and want to give away all my characters, how should I go about doing this?
Please note the group in this scenario. Otherwise you are more than welcome to donate them and allow staff to redesign and re-home them.


How do I give a gifted character?
You will need to go to
 the #danes-adoption-angency channel and leave a comment. Within this comment you should ping the member you are gifting to so we can get confirmation from you both. Your comment will be highlighted when a member of staff has seen it and you will receive a comment of approval from whichever member of staff is handling your transfer.

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